Who Am I?

Having lost my faith in God at a young age, I found myself reintroduced to the possibility of a spiritual world seven years later in the middle of the night. 

I awoke from a dream where I had been precipitously hovering in mid-air outside my window.  I was in college, living on the third floor of an apartment building at the time, and my bed was by a large window whose sill was as low as my bed. 

In the dream I was floating on my back outside my window, over a cement slab three stories below.  In the dream dark forces were holding me aloft and had the power to drop me at any moment onto the cement below.  They had the power to kill me.

In this lucid state I knew I had to will myself into the window, away from the grip of these dark forces.  I did it.  I willed myself through the window into into my room, coming into my bed.  Then I awoke.  

That dream told me that dark forces exist and that I had to will myself away from their power.  

That was the beginning of my spiritual searching and ultimate arrival at a very powerful belief in God and Christ, a belief that has guided me through everyday life and fortified me during many important missions of Systembusting. 

Systembusters can be rough around the edges.  But Divine Perfection to a Systembuster is the destruction of evil in action.  Something akin to Christ turning over the money lenders’ tables in the temple.  There is an ecstasy released when evil is destroyed that is not to be  missed.  That is the Systembuster’s Delight.

Many people have been seeded on Earth as Systembusters, but they don’t realize it.  Many souls have placed their lives with precision care to assist the Divine Agenda in redeeming the earth and its inhabitants.  Large or small, the parts we all play contribute to the shifting of humanity from a very large perspective.

My goal is to help others find a connection to this Infinite Source of Power so they too can be fortified and freed from the grip of dark forces.

Knowledge and understanding of this Infinite Source of Power is the most liberating force there is.  May you find This Force.

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