What is Soft Disclosure?



The notion of soft disclosure stems from the theory of hard versus soft information. “Hard” information can be proven, whereas “soft” information may contain misstatements. Soft disclosure in business has been defined as as forecasts, unaudited statements, and press releases.

In metaphysical/UFO/conspiracy circles, soft disclosure can have a few definitions. Like the definition above, it may mean an unproven statement that may not be accurate.  More often, soft disclosure means a way of getting your consent — without you consciously realizing it:

Simply discussing something can be a form of disclosure: It can be a means to gain your consent to perpetrate the same thing upon you or others.


Using Soft Disclosure to Obtain your Consent

There appears to be a loophole in our local universe that says talking about something (ie, soft disclosure) can be sufficient for disclosing one’s true agenda. So a cult leader talking about his modus operandi in the third person — is able to gain consent to prey upon people by simply talking about it. He’s talked about it — you’ve been disclosed to, even though you may not consciously realize it. This loophole allows dark entities to prey upon a naive humanity.

Here are a few examples of soft disclosure:

  • When Trump said he wanted to start a Space Force and plant an American flag on Mars on July 4, 2019 — he was actually disclosing that there already is a Space Force and the U.S. is already on Mars.
  • When NASA admits alien life exists — this is typically understood as disclosure of government involvement with aliens.
  • When John Brennan said talked about chemtrailing in 2016 — he was telling you the U.S. is already doing this.
  • When cult leader Mas Sajady said, “This is how a cult works…” and proceeded to name of a dozen characteristics of cults — he was disclosing that this is what he is doing.
  • When cult leader Mas Sajady described how others take advantage of people — he was disclosing how he takes advantage of people and seeking to gain their consent to do so (see below video).


Using the Disclosure Loophole

This video demonstrates how demonic guru Mas Sajady uses soft disclosure to deceptively gain consent from cult followers:

  1. Sajady discusses a method of gaining people’s trust, so they can be preyed upon.
  2. Sajady pretends it is other people doing this.
  3. Sajady himself then engages in what he describes, with people whose consent he has gained through deception.

In another example, Sajady calls out people becoming dependent on gurus — yet Sajady fosters dependency on himself as a guru.

“I had some niggling issues, some of the very ones [Mas Sajady] mentions in the ‘dangerous devotions podcast where we depend on another guru. And I thought, well ‘you too are creating this dependency’, even though he says it’s all about finding your space, and not needing anything else. “


What Can You Do?

Obtaining consent through soft disclosure constitutes deception. The agenda is hidden, not truthfully disclosed. However, for whatever reasons this loophole has not yet been closed.

The main thing you can do to protect yourself is build your connection with your Higher Power, and call upon it regularly for assistance.

Secondly, you can protect your spiritual contracts, so that you are not tricked into giving consent. Here are some ways you can go about that:

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