I'm just amazed at what you were able to pick up from picture I sent of Todd. When I spoke to him he actually used the same phrase you did that he holds his cards close to his vest because of the nature of work he is in.  And he said not until he really gets to know someone does he reveal very much.


Santa Fe, NM

Wow, that is amazing.  Marcus is already showing a difference in how he respects us and he is happier!  His father has been telling his mother, "I don’t know what she’s doing, but it works!"

Cynthia G.


It was amazing! I am so happy that I went to this meetup. Theresa is wonderful and I am excited to work with her more.


Blaine, MN

Your workshop was amazing and I continue to use that last meditation you used... it is so powerful for me.


Sedona, AZ

You are the first person in my 38 years to help me with the nightmares and the dark energies that used to just follow me. I feel so alive and happy now.


Winsted, MN

This call was fantastic! We were each able to set intentions for our personal healing as well as where we wanted to send love and light in the world. Theresa led an amazing meditation and set the sacred space in a way that welcomed in many high vibrational energies to participate - both Galactic Star Family and Spirit.  Theresa did a great job of incorporating my declared intentions during the meditation and the messages she brought forth from Spirit/Star Family during the call were ones I greatly benefited from hearing. It was a very high energy space during the call and I feel very blessed to have been able to attend.


Sedona, Arizon

Good news! Your January create-a-mate session definitely worked! I have met someone!!! And so far AMAZING!!!"


Bloomington, MN

The meetup was amazing. I am anxious to attend the next one.


Sedona, AZ

My life, I think, has been changed forever. Perhaps the darkness that others found, behind the door, was my past. I have Angels. Thank You.

Patti H.


Theresa your classes have changed my life. You are the most amazing healer! You have a knack for getting right to the heart of any issue and shifting me past it. Things have changed in so many ways since I met you and started working with you. All aspects of my life have been improved; from my relationship with myself and the world around me to my relationships with my 4 kids. I am forever changed and I am most grateful.


Minnetonka, MN

I did find an apartment and am moved in! Yeah! Magical! Meditation helped! Thanks!


Minneapolis, MN

I have to say that since our session, I am feeling much lighter and happier for no apparent reason as the days go forward.... 🙂



Thanks for great information.  You write it very clean. I am very lucky to get these tips from you.


Orlando FL

"The meditation was amazing, a very high energy.  I had a very grounded and light night."


New York City

First time I heard of a conference call meditation, much less participated. It was really cool. Super enjoyed it. More!


Santa Fe, NM

It's taken a while but I breeze through my contract each morning without hesitating and emotions. Must have been a healing process.


Winsted, MN

Amazing as always. Theresa is tapped in to the Universal Source and what flows from her is truly life changing.


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