Tesla’s Violet Ray ~ Plasma for Healing


Antique violet rays have more power.

Tesla’s violet ray is a hand-held device that produces plasma (not ultra-violet light).  Plasma occurs when the electrons — circulating the nucleus of the atoms — are powered out of their orbits and circulate freely.  The coil in Tesla’s violet ray creates the power needed.  Tesla patented his Tesla Coil in 1891.  The coil allows the production of electric currents with a far higher frequency and voltage than other devices of the time.   The power from his coil is applied to an argon or neon gas in a bulb (electrode), and the plasma state then emerges.  Along with the plasma is created ozone.

The violet ray can stimulate growth and healing in your body, through the energy of the free electrons circulating through your body.  Tesla recommended it for may ailments, even hair regrowth.  The violet ray can also kill microorganisms, such as those causing acne, a sore throat, toothache, athlete’s foot.  It can disintegrate nanobots or implants.  It typically can  permeate a half inch or so beneath the skin.

Tesla went on to suggest that different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum might be used to treat medical conditions.  Jacques-Arsène d’Arsonval and Paul Oudin, pioneers in the field of electrotherapy, agreed.  They modified Tesla’s device to create an electrotherapy instrument.  Tesla also developed an instrument, and it was not long before a rash of companies began promoting their own versions under the name “Violet Ray.”

Western medicine uses a plasma device similar to Tesla’s inventions to treat cancer.  The device relies upon the same healing molecules as those produced by hydrogen peroxide or ozone generators (both of which Western medicine denies for healing).

Edgar Cayce recommended the violet ray for healing in over 900 readings.  Cayce noted in one reading that when the electrical force in an organ becomes weak in its ability to reproduce the balance necessary for the support of the physical body, that portion becomes deficient.

Violet rays were popular in the early 1900s.  At that time a device cost the equivalent of about $4,000 today.  There were many companies making them, but the last one was driven out of business by Big Pharma’s FDA ion the 1950s.  However, today there are modern versions are available.


The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be healthcare advice or medical diagnosis, treatment or prescribing.  Full disclaimer



How you use the violet ray is the most important aspect.   The device uses electricity — and if there is a negative source anywhere along the line coming to you — it can create detrimental effect.  Cayce also referenced your intent in using the device:  “Do not make the application in a way, however, that it is just something to be gotten through with, or rid of, but do it with the intent and the expectation that it is to be a helpful experience for the body; and it will!” (2415-2)

So here are three-fold steps I recommend each tine you use the device:

  1. Call upon God or Jesus to clear the device, and all sources of electricity to the device.  (Wait until each step feels complete.)
  2. Ask God for the Source-Created Solution for the device bringing healing as you intend.
  3. Ask God to prepare your body to receive the healing.

Consider also doing some work clearing your spiritual contracts, to help you clear the device and power source.

Spiritual Contracts


Studies on Plasma’s Anti-Cancer Effects

The Violet Ray generates plasma, which can be summarized as charged particles, ions.  Those charged particles gift you with electrons that can neutralize free radicals or even oxidize the cell wall of a virus, for example.

Several studies appearing from 2011-2014 found that plasma can be used to treat cancer.  They use the term “cold plasma”, referring to the fact that the violet flame is unheated.  This plasma consists of the same molecules and ions that are used in healing with hydrogen peroxide and ozone:  O2, HOO- and O-.   Modern medical cold plasma devices produce these ions, plus they can also produce nitrogen, helium and other ions.  However, doctors  have recognized ozone ions as the “major player” in decreasing cancer.  These modern medical plasma devices generate a violet flame like Tesla’s Violet Ray, but it is an open flame applied directly to the body.  One study from 2012, entitled “Targeting the cancer cell cycle by cold atmospheric plasma”, synthesized four other studies which had found that oxygen ions decreased tumor size by killing cancer cells:

Recently, it was reported that newly developed cold atmospheric or non-thermal plasmas (CAPs) could be used as an alternative therapies for cancer5,6.  It was shown in vivo that tumor size can be decreased when CAP treatment was applied locally.  Analysis of the CAP effect in vitro revealed that cancer cells die due to apoptosis.  It was reported early that the reactive oxygen species (ROS) are the major players in the cell response to CAP treatment in vitro and in vivo.  Additional effects of cold atmospheric plasmas on the living tissue at various levels were shown:  plasma sterilization, improvement in wound healing, cell migration changes, changes in the protein expression7,8,9,10,11,12.  The variety of different effects of plasma can be explained by the complex chemical composition of CAP and variations in the way that CAP is generated.  In fact, CAP is a cocktail containing variety of ROS, reactive nitrogen species, charge particles, UV etc.  This variety leads to the myriad of effects mentioned above.

Oxygen Therapy: Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide Can Heal Heart Disease, Cancer, AIDS, Parkinson’s, Candida & More


Edgar Cayce on the Violet Ray

Several aspects of the violet ray noted in the readings of Edgar Cayce include its strengthening effect on the body, enlivening the nervous system, “cleansing the blood stream itself” (2193-1), and consequently bringing the body into better balance. This balance was noted in a comment inserted in one reading: after regular use of the violet ray, Mrs. [2790]’s “glandular swelling was reduced and [a] goiter did not develop.” (2790-5)

In another reading Cayce seemed to equate electricity with the life force itself: “Then…have a stimuli of the very low form of electrical forces, or added life as it were.” (1678-1) These comments, almost inserted as an afterthought, have profound meaning, inviting further contemplation.

For glandular problems, Edgar Cayce remarked:  “This is a high-voltage [device] stimulating all centers that are as the crossroads, the connections between the various portions of the physical body functioning, the mental attitudes and attainments, as well as the sources of supply, which arose by the choice of the entity in entering this particular temple, this individual temple.”

One fifty-seven-year-old man with poor circulation and suffering from a cold was told:  “We would add a very little of the electrical forces for the body, though, in the present. To do this will prevent the central nervous system batteries from running down. This should be used in the form of the violet ray—hand machine, mushroom applicator…this not more than half to three-quarters of a minute just before retiring. It’ll pick the body up!” (2528-4)

Cayce’s recommendation of duration of application varied widely; for the majority of cases,  from thirty seconds to several minutes was all that was recommended.

Frequency also varied, suggesting a wide range from daily treatments, then leveling off to several days a week, to several times a month. One woman, who was to use the appliance alongside her spine, was told: “This should be applied until there is the feeling of the whole internal forces being electrified.” (264-11) Another woman, after her second series of adjustments, was to use the violet ray “any time after that when there is the feeling of tiredness or languidness.” (1584-1)

This book contains more excerpts of Cayce readings on the violet ray.

28-Watt Fitzgerald model from the early 1900s.



When using the device, only use it for about 10 minutes at a time, or it can burn out.  Hold it toward the end of the handle away from the electrode to keep it from overheating.  You can also physically burn your skin, so it is best to keep the electrode moving, even if just gently moving it back and forth it while on the body.  Where the electrode is anchored in the device is the strongest point of charge.  You may want to wrap this area with electrician’s tape.  The electrodes can slip out and break, so that is another reason why you may want to tape them in.

Do not use the violet ray if you  have a pacemaker or electronic insulin monitor, as the device will interfere with electronics.  Likewise, do not use it near your computer, phone, washing machine dryer, or any other appliance that has a circuit board in it.

Cayce recommended against taking drugs while using the device, “Do not take medicinal properties while these [vibrations] are being applied, see? either the osteopathic forces or the electrical treatments! Take no drugs.” (4843-1) Alcohol is also to be avoided:  “Do not use in the system during the treatments…with the violet ray—for these are detrimental, and would burn tissue, with this in system.” (5525-1)  Even inhaling the brandy fumes from a charred oak keg might cause irritations to the body if used in conjunction with the violet ray.

Some individuals were told by Cayce not to use the violet ray until they had established a better cleansing and elimination process in their systems. One woman was told “not [to] use the violet ray through the hot weather.” (3450-2) another reading explained: “When the body gets the sunshine it is not necessary for so much of the violet ray.” (325-58) also, “…if the X-ray flashes are used we would not use the violet ray…leave off the machine while the X-ray treatments are being given!” (325-64)

A number of other precautionary measures are mentioned throughout Cayce’s readings, such as not using the violet ray on the same day that one is taking Atomidine or “during the times [when] the [spinal] adjustments are being taken!” (1584-1)  One individual asked if “the yoga practice of Kriya [is] causing any ill effects”; she was told that “this is very well…for these exercises have a stimulating effect.  However, do not use these during the period the Violet Ray is used, for that week!” (813-2)

Renulife 1920s ad




Antique Models are Stronger

You can still buy antique violet rays on Ebay, but they might need some work, even if they appear to be functioning properly in the pictures.   The antique electrodes also may not work.  Or — it is very common for them to slip out of the handle, or to be dropped (if you can’t adjust the sheathing holding the electrode, consider taping it in).

The image at the top of the page shows the difference in power between two antique 28 watt models (the outer electrodes) and a newer 30 watt model (in the middle).


Companies that Sell Violet Rays

In evaluating the power of the models, you have to look at the voltage and watts.  Many manufacturers do not disclose anything about the power of their devices.  This tells you that most likely the device is weak.  You can find these cheap models them all over Ebay for $20 — but these are not worth the money.

Here are some modern violet rays that have power closer to Tesla’s original model for you to consider.

4HairLoss.Org:  $85

This model is 30 watts.  It is the highest powered model in the U.S. I could find at this price.  It has a U.S. plug (115v), and you can get it in a few days.  They also sell international versions (220V).  The company has good customer service, and a 120-day warranty.  This is a good starter model.  I bought one of these.

Baar:  $525

Baar sells a product that they say is manufactured according to the design recommended by Edgar Cayce.  It has an output voltage of between 20,000 to 45,000 volts, an output frequency of approximately 500 kHz, and is approximately 40 watts.  They sell both US and international models.

It has a significant nuisance feature however, in that you have to keep pressing a button for it to work.

Baar sells replacement electrodes for $58.  This is expensive compared to the $5 China models.  However, they are far superior in quality, closer to the antique designs.

Novator — Ukraine Models:  $65 and up

These models will require you to buy an adapter for 220V to 115V if you live in the US.  They are made in Ukraine, but they may have parts made in China.  They are about 30 watts.  They are probably good models, but if you live in the U.S. you will have to wait a month to get it shipped to you.  Another Ukrainian brand is Korona  (orange electrodes).

Holoelectron — France:  $755 and up

These are high quality models.  Least expensive model is currently 665 Euros (about $755 USD as of January 2022)

Tefra — Germany:   $1900

These are also high quality models.  Their base generator sells for  1680 Euros (not including electrodes. that’s about $1900 USD).

It is listed here as “TEFRA-Hochfrequenzapparat (Version April 2021)”




Modern Electrodes

The modern electrodes are weaker than the antique ones, with the exception of electrodes produced by Baar.com.  The antique electrodes were also physically larger, and also often had a wire extending from the metal base, which would extend the charge out further.


Electrode Sizes in Antique and Modern Devices

Modern electrodes are typically about 12 mm, whereas the antique electrodes were around 11.23-11.25mm.  if the electrode is too large, you can loosen the base when removing it, which will end the life of the bulb.  As mentioned above, it is a good idea to tape the electrodes in to keep them from slipping out.

You can get 12 mm electrodes from:

11.23-25 mm electrodes are harder to find. I only found them from:



I have done some basic repairs on antique violet rays, such as replacing the cords or capacitors.

The capacitor is like a temporary battery, so it can be larger than needed.  Sizes recommended include:

  • 68,000 pf (0.068 uF, 68nF) plus 400 Volts AC (from this video, which demonstrates how to replace the capacitor).
  • 100,000pf (o.1uF) plus 1000 V AC (from this manual, which covers more details of repairs).

A non-polarized capacitor is needed, so ceramic or mica capacitors can be used for violet rays, but tantalum or electrolytic cannot.  You can also roll your own capacitor.  Single-layer ceramic capacitors tend to have problems dissipating heat.  So multilayer-ceramic capacitors are more durable, but newer capacitors vastly exceed the vintage ones in performance and reliability, so it probably won’t make much of a difference.  Below on the left is a polyester Orange Drop capacitor which will work, they are commonly used for antique radio restoration (select the 0.1uF version).  It’s leads are about 1.25″.  Below in the right is a multi-layer ceramic condenser,  but the leads are only about 3/4″, too short to use without soldering a longer wire.  Here is a .068 uF capacitor which appears to be similar to the Orange Drop.


Orange Drop capacitors on left, some multi-layer ceramic capacitors on right.


I had an early 1900s Fitzgerald device whose power was running low.  I first replaced the wiring and electric cords, but that didn’t resolve it.  So I replaced the capacitor with an Orange Drop, then its power returnred.



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