Spiritual Contracts




How Are You Getting Into Agreements?

You were born with spiritual contracts.  Incarnational spiritual contracts often concern life purpose and expectations for you given the choice by your soul to incarnate.   The family line you were born into may carry contracts that you are required to accept, but are not necessary for you.  While traveling through your life, you can enter into additional spiritual contracts, and some of these can be to your detriment.  You can be blissfully unaware of what you have agreed to, even when calamity strikes.  Spiritual contracts can be unfair and predatory; they can also be rightful and balanced.


Can You Cancel a contract with the devil, Satan, Dark forces?

The answer is YES.  I have cancelled many many dark contracts — without retaliation.  What I have been shown is that all falsely signed contracts — or those contracts signed without the presence and approval of God — can be reset or cancelled altogether.


Steps You Can Take to Clear your Spiritual Contracts

There are simple steps you can take to clear and protect your spiritual contracts.  The process of clearing your spiritual contracts will clear those contracts which are not Divinely appointed and lift burdens which do not belong to you.  This process will create a significant shift in your life and that of the people you are connected to.

Clearing your spiritual contracts does not absolve you of responsibility.  Assignments and responsibilities which belong to you will still be yours.  For example, the responsibility to refuse consent to dark intentions is still yours.

You will still have your free will and the right to choose which route you want to go in any given situation.  Using your free will to develop a strong connection with your Higher Power is the best way to shepherd the use of your free will in the future.

I have cleared many people’s spiritual contracts, and I have seen this process create great changes in people.  In fact, I like to watch at the moment someone signs the Reset and Contract with God — it is fascinating to watch their energy shift and I usually feel a rush of energy go through my system as well.  I am a teacher, I am here to teach others how I have found solutions. These are a few of  my lightworking tools, and I am sharing them so others can also learn to access the dimensions I have to heal and free themselves.

You can clear your contracts on  your own, or I also offer guided meditations to help walk you through the process.  If you feel you need deeper work, I offer private sessions.

Also, you can visit my Spirit Unlimited Facebook page. I have keyed it as an Agreement Reset Page so there is an energy portal coming into Facebook that has a resetting purpose for each person using it and for the larger institution.

More about Spiritual Contracts

Personal & Group Agreements

There are a few general categories of agreements: Personal/group agreements and systems agreements.

Personal and group agreements are the agreements formed more on a personal or smaller group level. Pretty much anytime you receive anything from anyone — a gift, a healing, a paycheck — you are consciously or unconsciously setting up an agreement with them.  If someone “heals” your illness or a being of Light comes and offers you a gift or a being in spirit “saves the life” of a family member in WWII or you buy car insurance or have a phone or drive on a highway anywhere or live in a neighborhood which a dark entity has claimed as turf — you are typically setting up agreements.

Spiritual contracts can be set up on many levels — by you consciously; by your soul; by a lost aspect of yourself; by a soul group.  Contracts can be set up by default — by your lack of choice or lack of awareness one is being set up!  Contracts can be set up by tricking you or your soul, or by “hacking into” your energy field.  Just as computer hackers find a vulnerability and capitalize on that — dark energy can find weakness in your system and use them as a “back door” to setting up an agreement with you.


Systems Agreements

These are the agreements set up by larger systems. Every day there are numerous system agreements that attempt to “opt us in.”  By virtue of joining Facebook, for example, there are hundreds of implicit agreements that are being set up that you may not consciously agree to.

By virtue of birth, most souls are also entering into a myriad of agreements with the systems that surround them:  Government systems, banking systems, media systems, elite systems, racial systems, etc.   Andrew Bartzis has cataloged a few hundred of these system-type agreements in this document:  Soul Contract Revocations.


Case-in-Point: Engagement with Spiritual Predators

There are many spiritual predators out there, whose hidden agenda is to prey upon you. Mas Sajady is one example, there are countless others.

As I have done healing work with former Sajady clients, I have found that the most liberating thing they could do was reset and protect their spiritual contracts.  This didn’t absolve them from future responsibility for their choices. But it protected them from entering spiritual contracts that were not Divinely appointed.

One very interesting element among former Sajady clients was that they had contracts to expose him.  As much as they may have felt they were victims, they were actually bait sent by the Light to get Sajady into contract.  For many of them, their souls chose to incarnate to systembust  him.  For by letting Sajady’s demonic system affect them (usually negatively), their soul obtained a spiritual contract whose terms contained language favorable to the Light’s mission. Once enough people get contracts with dark agents and systems, they can be taken down.

It is very common to find that those working with the League of the Light engage with the dark side for the specific purpose of getting the dark side into contract. These can be incredibly difficult assignments, such as in the case of CIA sex slave survivor Cathy O’Brien.  O’Brien endured years of ritual abuse and sexual assault since childhood.  She managed to escape the dark system, and has been speaking out for years.  These souls take on these difficult assignments to systembust the dark agenda operating on earth.

And it is likely that you, too,  have taken on assignments to help shift the earth. You are not a victim — you are a Systembuster!


Refuse Consent to Darkness

Dark outcomes occur because consent occurs on some level. Your soul may be consenting, or you may be giving consent without realizing it!

  • By agreeing with any negative scenario you encounter, such as a negative thought about getting in an accident or someone telling you you are “cursed” or “I am targeted” — you are giving that permission to happen.
  • By watching the news, which constantly broadcasts death, destruction, and disaster scenarios — you are agreeing with what you are seeing if you do not consciously refuse consent.
  • By watching a fictional movie, you can be consenting to a disaster occurring in the future if you accept it happening in the movie.   That is the default.  The media and broadcast systems are used by the dark agenda to sweep for mass unconscious consent.

Every Moment is a Choice. Connect to God daily. Then once you clear and reset your contracts, as I discuss below, you need to consistently choose the Light/God and refuse consent to any dark agenda occurrences.  It is likely you will be tested. For example, a friend told me that after she reset her agreements and signed her Contract with God, a being on the other side she had been connecting to hung around her for a while. The purpose was to test her to see if she wanted to resume the connection which was not for her Highest Good.

To refuse consent, anytime you encounter dark energy or intent, you can say something like this:

  1. “No negative power”
  2. “Cancel cancel”
  3. “I refuse consent”

If you are not sure about how to handle what you are experiencing, you can simply say something like:

  1. “Source Reigns”
  2. “God Reigns”
  3. “The Highest Light Reigns.”

Many times the highest answer is not clear to us or is being deliberately obstructed. By simply intending that the Source Reigns, the Highest Solution will be intended for you.


The Systembuster’s Sacrifice

A Systembuster’s first impulse is to protect others. It is no surprise then that one common spiritual contract among Systembusters is the choice to sacrifice themselves for others, to receive the brunt of dark energy assaults in order to protect family members, friends, loved ones, and others in a Systembuster’s soul group.  Read more about Spiritual Contracts Common Among Systembusters.

A common spiritual contract among Systembusters


Enforcement May Be Necessary

Just like in real life sometimes agreements have to be enforced (like a sheriff showing up to enforce the law), there may be a need for enforcement of cancelled spiritual contracts. Continue to call upon your Higher Power to fulfill cancelled contracts if necessary.



Steps You Can Take to Clear your Spiritual Contracts

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