Source-Created Solutions℠ in Manifesting

There is a Central Location in the Universe, which possesses All Knowledge, Understanding, All Love, All Compassion.  In the spiritual dimensions it can appear like an immense, brilliant Field of Light.  This Central Location, which some call God, has oft been misunderstood and even misconveyed.  However, it is available as a Point of Energy, a Source, a Salvation if you will, for those seeking to expand their earthly reach into other dimensions.

Creating from this Infinite Source of Light is the most whole, the most potent form of creation.  This is because you are accessing the full breadth of Knowledge and Energy locused there, unfurling it unto Creation.  The Universal Source is ever expanding, as every moment of experience of every form of creation continually adds to the inclusive breadth of understanding alive in this Infinite Light.

Intermediary levels are just that:  They add intermediaries to your creation and manifesting.  They can also add unnecessary spiritual contracts, which can act as burdens.

Meet this Universal Source directly, learn what it is, learn how to call forth creation from it, and how the Liberation it offers can forever alter the Lifestream of your Soul.


Source-Created Solutions:  Creating from a Point of Wholeness

There is a simple process you can use to access this Infinite Source of Light in your creation.  Ask the Source to create the solution for you at the Center of the Universe, in the Field of Infinite Light and Knowledge, then receive the solution in the spiritual and physical dimensions.  I call this a Source-Created Solution, and find this type of Divine solution to be the most whole and effective form of manifesting.  These solutions bring answers that are inclusive.  Here are a few examples.

A Balanced Soulmate

One client put out a call for a preferred intimate companion.  Part of the intent was to bring her someone who gave her as much as she gave.  Previously she had attracted men who she could take care of, relationships where she did most of the giving.  She slept very well that night, then as she woke up the next morning, her first thoughts were sorting out who her true friends were, and those who were taking more than they were giving.  The Source-Created Solution was not only calling to her a companion for a balanced give-and-take relationship, but it was also sorting out this issue in her personal friendships as well.

Feeling Called

A  friend was wondering if she “should” go to a particular retreat center.  She usually went every year, but the last time she was there she successfully ruffled some feathers (not necessarily a bad thing in my observation).  I suggested she place a Source-Created Solution to determine if she felt “called” to go, if it was recommended by the Source.

The Source-Created Solution brought her to clarity that at that point in time that no, she wasn’t called to go.  She did visit to the retreat center at a later point, with clarity and comfort that, yes, this was something she wanted to do, no doubts, no hesitations.  The solution also gave her some other opportunities to learn the larger picture of feeling called to do something — which helped guided her in many other situations.  For example, a seminar soon came up which she indeed felt a strong feeling to go to, no hesitations, no doubts.

Listening to What Others are Really Saying

A client was asking for clarity in contending with particular person, aware that he wasn’t always heeding all the signs available in dealing with her.  The result he got was to call in a larger solution for being able to hear and listen to what others were really saying; being able to hear the truth of what others were actually saying; and being able to know what others were really thinking as a means to recognizing signs being given.


Commanding a Source-Created Solution

Below is the general form I use to  call forth a Source-Created Solution :

Universal Source, show me the Source-Created Solution for ________:

    • According to my preferences,
    • Indefinitely ascending on a positive, neutral or silent vibration until completion is reached,
    • With Divine Protection, Default removal fully encapsulated.

Thank you, it is done.

The above command combines two parts in one:

  1. Show me the Source-Created Solution,
  2. Release the Solution to me in the physical dimension (the indefinitely ascending component covers this second part).

Both ways can be used.  Experiment with both and see which you prefer.


Video:  How Sound Heals and How Source-Created SolutionsWork

This video explains some of the physics behind sound healing, and the commanding process for Source-Created Solutions (using the two-form command).

(With some computers, the deep resonant sound of the bowl may make it hard to hear my voice. If so, you can try using headphones. If your speakers distort the sound of the bowl, turn down the volume and you may be able to hear my voice more clearly.)


Video:  Meditation to Call in the Source-Created Solutionfor your Life

This video briefly explains what a Source-Created Solutionis (using the two-form command), and does a ten-minute meditation to call in the Source-Created Solution for your life.




Note:  The material about Source-Created Solutions comes through me, although I learned some of the principles of commanding and witnessing from Vianna Stibal’s book Theta Healing.  At this time I do not recommend Stibal’s material.  Stibal appears to be operating from dark contracts, and likely in league with dark entities:  Stibal has sued a former student, who counter-sued her for fraud and won; this student says that Stibal and/or her husband were doing black magic on her and experienced health difficulties due to this black magic;  Stibal has been involved in other lawsuits across multiple states; former students say they had to sign contracts which included clauses that forfeited their First Amendment rights to criticize Stibal; people leaving Stibal’s organization have written books and website with numerous complaints; the deity that Stibal invokes may very well be a demonic agent.  Stibal pays a great deal of money to hide the negative search results.  However the term “lawsuit” along with her name produces some of that critical information.  Recognize that the dark agenda can copy and teach information as well, the caveat is that it is incomplete, dated, may not work, and comes with dark spiritual contracts (the dark agenda relies on copying those who work with the Light).