Gift | Guided Meditation to Reset your Soul (MP3)


This free guided meditation will help you begin taking charge of your spiritual agreements.  This is the first of four options you can use to help clear your spiritual contracts:

  1. Reset your Soul Meditation:  A free meditation to help you start reviewing your spiritual contracts.
  2. Written Exercise to Clear your Spiritual Contracts:  A free exercise to help clear your spiritual contracts on your own.
  3. Guided Process to Clear your Spiritual Contracts (MP3s):   Guided meditations you can purchase to walk you through the process.
  4.  If you feel there are issues you are not able to shift on your own, I also offer Private Sessions.

You can find more free meditations here.

This guided meditation:

  • Is a starting point to reset all your agreements with the Universal Source.
  • Will help you begin examining areas where you are giving consent that you may not want to, by having you ask:  “Where am I consenting or allowing myself to be harmed that I may not be consciously aware of?”
  • Accesses Golden Crystalline Energy to help reset your soul and clear  your energy.

Before beginning, think of any areas you’d like to request resetting in, and any people you’d like to request healing for.


Download or Listen here (15 minute meditation)