Gift | Guided Meditation to Call Forth a Solution (MP3)


This free guided meditation will assist you in calling forth a solution from the Universal Source/God/Greatest Positive Power in the Universe.  The meditation will access deeper brainwaves, closer to those when you are asleep, allowing your intentions to be more powerful.  This is done by asking you to gently turn your eyes upwards, while keeping them closed, and issuing a command from this state.  More free meditations here.

Before beginning:

  • Think of an area you’d like to call forth a solution for.
  • Write down a list of your preferences for the solution.  (Writing out your intentions will make them stronger. Also, your preferences are integral to the solution.)
  • Write down the names of anyone you’d like to name in prayer.

This meditation also works well to energize your preferences listed in your Clarification Exercise.

If you would like to learn more about manifesting, visit my manifesting posts or look through the manifesting materials in my library, which are designed to help people develop their skills.

“The meditation was amazing, a very high energy.  I had a very grounded and light night.”  — TS, New York City

Download or listen here  (17 minute meditation)\