Protect Yourself from Nanobots, Smart Dust, Morgellons, Ch*m Tr**ls


Study shows man-made mutants:  Animal-robot hybrids  (“A scalable pipeline for designing reconfigurable organisms”, 2020).

Scientists were thrilled to announce that they had made programmable mutants from frog stem cells — nanobots.  The scientists proclaimed that their nanomachines were “neither a traditional robot nor a known species of living animal.”  What if cells inside you were turned into these same animal-robot hybrids?  Who would be in charge?

The dark agenda has sought to make its nanobots ubiquitous.  They are in the food supply, viruses, ch*m trails, v**cc**es, you can even get them from your shedding friends.  They can contain mRNA that invades natural DNA.  They can cause cancer, autoimmune and neurogenerative diseases.  What can you do to protect yourself from nanomachines?

First, spiritual steps are needed to heal your body, and to clear any spiritual contracts you may have signed to allow them into your body (even without knowing it).

Second, there are physical steps you can take to help your body clear and heal as well.

First, however, we will discuss more about how nanobots work.

The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be healthcare advice or medical diagnosis, treatment or prescribing.  Full disclaimer.



Nanobots are tiny computerized cells or molecules that are most often programmed to harm and control humanity.  Much information about these nanomachines is known, but has not been publicly released, because nanobots are used as bioweapons.  They have been used against the human population for eons.

Nanobots are typically composed of DNA or RNA and a microscopic circuit board.  The frog-cell nanobot created by the scientists was missing one thing:  The circuit board.  Therefore they lacked the ability to program their robot like the sophisticated modern bioweapon labs can.

Lisa Renee of EnergeticSynthesis describes more about how nanotechnologies can work:

Experiments are conducted in these high security bio-labs for assorted scientific testing in connection with merging biological forms with different types of genetics with nanotechnologies, such as self-sensing materials like carbon nano tubes that can conduct electricity and be programmed remotely from quantum supercomputers.  They discovered that through nano-biosensors which are very tiny antennas brought down into the nano scale, that they can manipulate and bend light into different wave lengths for creating holographic technology.  This is being hidden behind a cloak of invisibility on an atomic scale where they are exploring entirely new ways of controlling behaviors in manifested things. One can imagine this nanotechnology in partnership with globally mandated injections being forced into the bloodstream of every man, woman and child on the planet, and then reflect upon their real objectives and desired end results.


How Do Nanobots Operate?

Nanobots can manipulate matter at cellular, molecular, and atomic levels.  They can be used to damage your DNA.  People connected to the Secret Space Program say nanobots also work at the subatomic level, traveling into the quarks of the atoms in your DNA.

Nanobots can operate with programmed spin.  Clairvoyantly I saw a nanobot plowing through DNA, destroying it and/or programming the (consenting) person to be a robot for the dark agenda.  The nanobot looked like a cube spiraling in forward motion, latching onto DNA, sometimes tremoring to dislodge the DNA components, to damage it.


Nanobots Can Cause Cancer, ALS, Alzheimers, Mad Cow Disease (Prion Diseases) & More

While nanobots may be used to treat cancer — that they can be used to cause cancer too, as Secret Space Program survivor James Rink points out.

Nanobots can be used to track you as a “smart dust” — to know what you think and feel, and to program you, like like frog cells, to be robots.

Nanobots can cause a myriad of diseases, such as mad cow disease, Creuzfeldt Jakob disease, Morgellon’s disease, auto-immune diseases, flu and viral infections.  A 2021 study, “Covid-19 vaccine and the risk of Mad Cow Disease”, found that the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine has long term health effects not previously disclosed.  This includes causing prion diseases, for example “ALS, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological degenerative diseases.”

(As an additional note, v**cns have also been cultivated in animals such as mice, dogs, creating illnesses in humans from these animal viruses. V**cns have also been cultivated in peanut protein — creating deathly peanut allergies in children.)


How Do You Get Nanobots

Delivery routes for nanobots include v**cc**nes, v**cc**ne shedding, medical treatments, food supply, bottled water, ch*m trails, or any other way that could be concocted.


Nanobots in V**cc**nes

V**cc**nes are notorious for administering unknown substances.  Studies have found hidden ingredients in v**cc**nes.  If you can’t analyze the product yourself with the same sophisticated machinery as the DOD — it probably shouldn’t be trusted.

A 2017 study of 44 types of 15 traditional vaccines manufactured by leading global companies found that they are heavily contaminated with a variety of nanoparticles not declared on the ingredient list.  This includes vaccines such as HPV, flu, Swine Flu, Hepatitis B, MMR, DPT, tetanus, and infant v**cc**nes.   Some of the nano-contaminants include:

  • Unknown red blood cells:  The researchers supplied an image of an area in a drop of Sanofi Pasteur MSD’s Repevax (DPT-P) vaccine “where the morphology of red cells – we cannot tell whether they are human or animal- is clearly visible” along with the presence of “debris” composed of aluminum, bromine, silicon, potassium and titanium. (From CMSI.)
  • Metal Aggregates:  GSK’s Fluarix vaccine for children three years and older contained 11 metals and aggregates of metals.  Similar aggregates to those identified in the vaccines have been shown to be prevalent in cases of leukemia, the researchers noted.
  • Iron & Iron Alloys:  Many of the vaccines contained iron and iron alloys which, according to the researchers, “can corrode and the corrosion products exert a toxicity affecting the tissues.”
  • Aluminum:  The FDA permits aluminum — despite its documented neurotoxicity all by itself.

The mRNA vaccines being pushed for the “C” – virus can enter your DNA and mutate your genome.  These nanotech v**cc**nes work through nanotech lipids, which bring viruses into the cells to reprogram them by rewriting the body’s DNA.  (As an additional note, v**cns have also been cultivated in animals such as mice, dogs, creating illnesses in humans from these animal viruses.  V**cns have also been cultivated in peanut protein — creating deathly peanut allergies in children.)

A 2021 study admits that nanomaterials are used in vaccines:  “Nanoplatforms have enabled the design of highly-stable, scalable, single-dose, and self-administrated vaccine preparations, that can not only facilitate vaccine dissemination, but also lift the heavy burden of COVID-19 from healthcare systems.”

In addition, many more studies have been done on injected and implanted nanotechnology, such as those cited in this article:  Microchips, Nanotechnology and Implanted Biosensors: The New Normal?

Nanomachinery:  IP Addresses from the Jabbed

There is evidence of self–assembling nano-circuitry in the Pfizer vaccine, which may be giving rise to IP addresses in the jabbed.  The nano-machinery is powered by the frequencies put out by 5G.  Ricardo Delgado, biostatistician and founder of La Quinta Columna, found the nanobots in his 2022 study, “Identification of Possible Microtechnology and Artificial Patterns in Pfizer Vaccine with Optic Microscopy.”  Below is an image of a nanochip found inside a Pfizer vaccine.

The Pfizer nano-machinery appears to be based upon the graphene oxide molecule, which has been found in v**cc**nes.  The graphene oxide molecule results in the same toxic effects as the the C-v*x:  Paralysis, stroke, blood clots, heart attacks.  Toxic graphene has also been chemtrailed for weather warfare, creating massive weather swings in less than a day.  I have personally seen 50-degree weather changes in a day several times this year.  (See video:  Graphene Skies).  Graphene can cause your body to start dissolving — inhaling it can cause bloody noses or mucous as it “dissolves” your body.  Graphene can be denatured and removed by the steps below, in particular oxygen therapies.


Nanobots from V**cc**ne Shedding

People who are v**nted can shed the mRNA spike protein and other nanobots.  Those who have recovered from C**v-d may also shed the spike protein nanobots.  It can seem like you are suddenly coming down with a cold — when you are being infested by a nanobot.  One 2020 study admits to shedding:

Prolonged SARS-CoV-2 RNA shedding and recurrence of PCR-positive tests have been widely reported in patients after recovery…”

Pfizer was concerned about shedding during their own C**v**d trials.  A Pfizer document defines shedding as “when a person receives unplanned direct contact with the study” participants, “by inhalation or skin contact.”  The document states that in cases of pregnant or breast-feeding women being exposed to jabbed study participants — the pregnancy must be followed, including documenting the outcome, whether miscarriage, premature birth, birth defects, or death.

And indeed, women are reporting health problems after being exposed to v*c**na*ted people:  Blood clots, infertility, menstrual problems, miscarriages, bleeding, needing blood transfusions.  


Nanobots from Viruses, Big Pharma Drugs, & PPE

Nanobot viruses are in regular circulation on earth.  These include colds, flus, C**v**d, and most other viruses, which deposit nanobots in biological beings.  These nanobot viruses are largely artificial creations.  Scientist Harold Kautz Vella describes nanobots as synthetic RNA (see his video Black Goo, Chemtrails – Real Proof, which also covers smart dust and chemtrails).

Some mRNA nanobots invade DNA in a similar fashion to mRNA v**cc**nes:

[RNA] viruses such as HIV, HCV, HBV, as well as respiratory viruses can cause persistent disease by integrating their genome into the human genome of the host cells [].  2021 study.  See also 2020 study.

According to that 2021 study, nanomaterials are also used in PPE and antiviral drug delivery systems.  If nanobots were in your prescription drugs — you would only know by Divine guidance.  The study discusses how CRISPR technology can be used to kill CV particles.  But why would you want to spend millions on that type of treatment when hydrogen peroxide does the same thing?


Nanobots in the Food Supply

The FDA has said that food producers can coat the food supply with nanoparticles — and even human remains — and they don’t have to tell you.  Nanobots may be in bottled water.  How would you know?  Ask your Divine Self to guide you.

In addition, plants can be made to grow nanobots within them, grown as chimeric mRNA for v**cc**ns.  Plant-based v*ks–nes use the cytoplasm in the plant to produce the mRNA needed.  They have already been made, according to a 2005 study:

“The generation of transgenic plants by plant nuclear transformation has successfully produced mucosal vaccines against cholera, Norwalk virus, hepatitis B, and foot-and-mouth disease.”  Study, “Accumulation of Recombinant SARS-CoV Spike Protein in Plant Cytosol and Chloroplasts Indicate Potential for Development of Plant-Derived Oral Vaccines”, 2005.


Nanobots from Ch*m Tr**ls

CIA director John Brennan admitted to ch*m trailing in 2016.  An accidentally released NASA document confirms that nanobots are delivered through ch*m trails. The NASA document describes nanobots and smart dust as a “wholly ‘new’ class of weaponry which is wholly legal.”

It is no surprise that a recent study confirmed that “CV” has been found attached to atmospheric pollution particles.  The Italian researchers detected C**v**d RNA on particles of air pollution, and identified a gene highly specific to C**v**d.  Their research was done before the “pandemic” even got started, February – March 2020.

Ch*m trails include vinyl products to block the sun (and likely to deliver toxins).  They create a dimmed sun, with a whitish haze around it.  These vinyl polymers are very possibly absorbed by the human body.  Scientists have now found microplastics in human blood — how much is coming from ch*m trails?




There are spiritual steps and physical steps you can take to clear and protect yourself from nanobots.  The spiritual steps involve clearing your spiritual contracts, and asking God to heal you.  This step also involves building your connection with God, Jesus, and your Angels.

The physical steps are many, but note that anywhere you are allowing dark energy to remain in your body will block the full removal and healing from nanobots.  The most important steps are the spiritual steps, without those steps physical avenues won’t stick.



These four spiritual steps ask you to go into prayer or meditation, and call upon God or Jesus to remove any nanobots in you.  You will likely need to do this process several times.  At the end of your meditation, ask if you need to return to do more clearing.


Refuse Consent & Clear your Spiritual Contracts

First, refuse any consent you may have given to being harmed.  You may have given consent to illness or poisons without realizing it.  You may have even signed a spiritual contract to be harmed without realizing it.  So it is important to refuse permission for any form of nanobot or poison to affect you, and clear any former permissions you may have given.  There are free steps you can take to clear your spiritual contracts and any consent you may have given.

The dark agenda always seeks to get people to agree to be harmed (i.e., sign a spiritual contract).  You can be giving consent without realizing it, such as by watching a fictional movie and being silent, not objecting to what occurs in the movie.  That is a default form of consent.  If you get the flu, and you are laying in bed unable to move and saying, “Oh I feel so sick, I’m in so  much pain” — you are giving consent for that to happen.

Spiritual Contracts


Ask God or Jesus for Healing from Nanobots

Go into prayer or meditation, and call upon God or Jesus for the Divine Solution for the removal of nanobots/poisons from your body, and that you be immune and healthy.  Here are free guided meditations you can use to place that intention.  If you place the intention to simply reprogram dark agenda nanobots, you can encounter issues with attempting to negotiate with dark energy.  And the biological cell it is using is likely in a state of violation.  Best to just remove them.  Science might use them, but trusting an outside entity to program your body is risky.


Ask Your Body if It Wants to Be Healed

Your cells have their own living consciousness, and do need to be asked if they want to be healed.  Sometimes they have dark energy that needs to be cleared.  If they say they do not want to be healed, ask your Divine Self and God for help doing more clearing.  You can also use my free guided meditations for help with that.

Free Meditations


Specifically Ask your Divine Source for the “Removal Tools”

In meditation or prayer, specifically ask God or Jesus for the “removal tools.”  Your angels and guides will be shown how to use them.  Witness your angels and guides working, and listen to how long you need to remain in meditation, and how many times you need to return.

Every nanobot created has a release mechanism and a removal tool.   The release mechanism allows for a way to manually disengage the nanobot, the removal tool allows for the automatic release and removal through the tool.  This is a secret that the nanobot creators have wanted to hide from you.  This form of removal is essential for your freedom.  There is also a physical antidote for every nanobot created, but not everyone has access to it, it may come with side effects, and it may require continual use, such as ivermectin.



Here are many physical steps you can take help nanobots or also poisons from your body.  Remember, they may not stick if you are not cleared spiritually.


Oxygen Therapy:  Ozone & Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Oxygen therapy provides healing oxygen and oxygen ions to your body.   These ions are strong anti-oxidants.  They slap the nanobots, disabling them.  In general, ozone is about ten times stronger than hydrogen peroxide, but it is harder to administer.  Breathing it can cause adverse health effects.  But there are other ways of administering it.  Food-grade hydrogen peroxide can be bought and administered in small amounts to your drinking water.

In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg won a Nobel prize for discovering that the root cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency.  Since that time, numerous studies have been done on the wide health benefits of oxygen therapy.  This includes reversing or improving conditions such as: Cancer, heart disease, AIDS, herpes, hepatitis, C**v**d, many other viruses, diabetic ulcers, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration, arthritis,  MS, low back issues, pregnancy issues, and many more.

Oxygen Therapy: Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide Can Heal Heart Disease, Cancer, AIDS, Parkinson’s, Candida & More


Tesla’s violet ray produces a strong current of plasma, which is highly charged electrons.  It also produces some  ozone.  It was popular for healing applications in the early 1900s, until the many companies selling them were driven out of business by the AMA and FDA.

Tesla’s device will disintegrate any nanobots it can reach.  Then your body has to remove them.  If the nanobot isn’t sufficiently disabled, it can re-form itself.   So it is good to add other measures to clear nanobots.

The violet ray also kills microorganisms, for example, a sore throat or foot fungus.

Tesla’s Violet Ray ~ Plasma for Healing


Tonic Water (Quinine) and Zinc

Quinine in tonic water makes the hard outer shell of viruses and bacteria permeable, so your immune system can take them down.  It can help accelerate your body clearing a virus.  Someone told me she had been having a hard time getting over C**v**d.  She drank some tonic water — and that helped her clear it.

How to Make Tonic Water | Quinine is Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Cancer


Dandelion to Block Spike Protein

Dandelion tea helps block spike protein, which contains nanobots.


Cannabis:  Blocks Corona Virus Spike Protein

The live pot leaf has the unique healing abilities, and a leaf a day can help disable nanobots and make you immune to them.  One study showed that proteins in marijuana can block corona virus.  They bind to the spike protein, and block it from entering the cells.  This can prevent CV infection and also shorten the duration.

Fibroymalgia is a nanobot condition, which is why it responds to cannabis, which can mitigate nanobots.

Smoked and dried pot is less effective.  CBD oil won’t work, the beneficial element is in the psychoactive agent.  I myself haven’t ever been much of a pot user, and don’t like to see what it does to people.

VIDEO:  PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM NANOBOTS | Posted at:  Bitchute  •  Minds  •  Youtube

Where cancer is driven by nanobots, marijuana can act as an anti-cancer agent (otherwise, the studies are mixed).  The THC in marijuana has also been found to remove a toxic Alzheimer’s protein from the brain.

In the below video Cathy O’Brien, who escaped from CIA mind-control programming slavery, discusses how pot blocks mind-control programming by opening up compartments of the mind.  Despite its benefits, O’Brien is against the use of pot, and that is my general position as well.


Morgellons Protocol

The following have been mentioned by Gene Decode to work to remove  and inhibit nanobots in  your body:

  • Borax:  Said to be a nanobot inhibitor.  Gene recommends a bath with a small amount of detergent, borax, and alfalfa pellets (such as for hamsters, apparently the nanobots prefer the pellets as they have more life force).  After the bath, take a shower, then scrub down the tub.
  • Zeolite
  • Activated charcoal
  • Diatomaceous Earth and Bentonite:  Good for cleansing toxins from the body
  • Iodine:  Good to clear radioactivity and to activate your metabolism, which quickens healing.
  • Saltwater/Liver/Gallbladder cleanse

Gene also recommends MMS, chlorine dioxide.  This is a controversial product containing “activated sodium chlorite.”  It requires a food grade acid to activate it, such as lemon juice or vinegar.  It may function by disabling nanobots or microorganisms.  I have no personal experience with it, and would be very cautious about it.

A Morgellons test can be done by holding a mouthful of tart cherry juice for about 10 minutes.  Spit it out in a white cup, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol, and see if any swim away.


Detox & Immune System Boosters

There are many steps you can take to strengthen your immune system, from ginger and garlic to echinacea and cayenne. This will help your body clear out toxins.

Probiotic fermented juices offer beneficial bacteria that will naturally consume carbs and toxins in your body.

And  I have also posted other general Health Tips for other helpful measures.


Avoid Sugar

Nanobots feed on free sugars, and may make you crave refined sugars.


Shikimic Acid for Spike Protein Damage (Vascular Damage such as Blood Clots) 

The spike protein in coronavirus vaccines can cause blood clots.

Shikimic acid is a plant phytochemical that can help reduce platelet aggregation, helping stop blood clots.  Shikmic acid is not safe during pregnancy.

Shinmic acid is found in:

  • Pine Needles
  • Fennel seeds Tea
  • Star anise



This article touches the tip of the iceberg on the many secret agendas going on that can harm humanity.  Always call upon  your Divine Source first, and ask it to guide you to the protection and healing you need.