Oxygen Therapy: Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide Can Heal Heart Disease, Cancer, AIDS, Parkinson’s, Candida & More

I used to go visit a farmer to buy organic raw milk.

The farmer told me how many years ago their well had become contaminated, so they started treating it with food-grade hydrogen peroxide, H2O2.  The family bought peroxide by the gallon to treat their well, and the animals received the peroxidated water too.  Around that time his mother had been diagnosed with cancer.  This was in the fall.  They were told she wouldn’t make it to Christmas.

But few months later — his mother was much healthier, even dancing on New Year’s Eve.  She was later found to be cancer free.  The farmer believes his mother recovered due to the peroxide.

The farmer’s experience is validated by science, although the medical establishment in the U.S. suppresses it.  Peroxide adds oxygen and beneficial oxygen ions to the body, which block cancer and other conditions.  Hydrogen peroxide is a part of normal metabolism.  Your body produces it constantly by white blood cells called “peroxisomes.”

In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg won a Nobel prize for discovering that the root cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency, which creates an acidic state in the human body.  Dr. Warburg found that cells which are receiving less oxygen may become cancerous and start creating energy using damaging acidic sugar fermentation:  “Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.”  High-oxygen environments are toxic to cancer.  Dr. Warburg also discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (do not breathe oxygen) and cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen, which can create an alkaline state.

“Diseases treated are infected wounds, circulatory disorders, geriatric conditions, macular degeneration, viral diseases, rheumatism/arthritis, cancer, SARS and AIDS.”

2011 study ~ Ozone therapy: A Clinical Review.

Numerous studies demonstrate the beneficial effects of oxygen therapy on hundreds of conditions, including cancer, heart disease, endocrine conditions, neurological conditions, viral, fungal, bacterial infections, and more.

Mother’s milk contains a high amount of peroxide, as do raw vegetables, fresh fruit, and spring water.  Peroxide occurs naturally in the rain and snow.  You can smell ozone in the air after a thunderstorm.

Like peroxide, ozone therapy also adds oxygen and healing oxygen ions to the body. Ozone forms peroxide on contact with water in the body — so it functions the same as peroxide (or as one study puts it:  “Ozone is believed to act through peroxide intermediary mechanisms”).

Ozone is stronger than peroxide, and can break down into different ionic composition.  But peroxide is probably simpler and less expensive to administer.  You an just add small amounts to your drinking water or enjoy it in baths.  You can find licensed practitioners for oxygen therapy in nearly all states.

Your Intent Matters

Your intent can affect the outcome of your treatment.  Calling upon God or Jesus and your Angels to guide your healing process is essential.  By working with God, the molecules can be guided for your Highest Good.  They can be potentized and guided to where they need to go.  Non-light energies holding toxins in place can be lifted.  In the case of external application, healing agents can be guided several inches deep into the body, rather than just having surface effect.  And most importantly, you can be guided to what physical steps are best for you.

Oxygen Therapy: Studies Show Healing of Cancer, Heart Disease, AIDS, Arthritis, Low Back Issues & More

The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be healthcare advice or medical diagnosis, treatment or prescribing.  Full disclaimer.


Balancing your Body’s pH

Most foods cause the body to have an acidic balance, especially processed salt, sugar, animal fat, artificial food.  In addition to cancer, other conditions such as type 2 diabetes, weak immune system, brittle bones and nails occur in an acidic state.  Should you need to move your body more towards the alkaline spectrum, food-grade peroxide and ozone can help you alkalinize your body.

However, it is not necessarily recommended to maintain your body in an alkaline state indefinitely.  Dr. Raymond Rife found that cancer precursors can survive in both an acidic and an alkaline state.  Dr. Rife cured many cases of cancer with his Rife machine, a plasma device.  Dr. Rife had found that both bacteria and viruses can transform into cancer cells, called pleomorphism (Dr. Rife’s discovery of the Baccillus bacteria associated with cancer is discussed in The Royal Rife Story at 33:00-51:30).  Dr. Rife said this transformation occurs not only in an acidic state, but also an alkaline state.  He recommended maintaining the body in a pH neutral state, “An individual that has an absolute neutral metabolism is susceptible to no disease.”  (Dr.  Royal Rife in his Own Words at 34:50.)

Vitamin C can also help alkalinize your body.  Taking two to three 1000 mg. capsules of Vitamin C spread out during the day can help reduce the acid state in the body.  Most Vitamin C is ascorbic acid, which is acidic, but it does process to neutral in the body.  But the ascorbate form of Vitamin C is alkaline.  Vitamin C actually creates hydrogen peroxide in the body, which is why Vitamin C megadoses have also cured cancer and many other conditions, as one study explains:

“Cancer researchers have homed in on how high-dose vitamin C kills cancer cells.  Vitamin C breaks down to generate hydrogen peroxide, which can damage tissue and DNA.  The new study shows that tumor cells with low levels of catalase enzyme activity are much less capable of removing hydrogen peroxide than normal cells, and are more susceptible to damage and death when they are exposed to high doses of vitamin C.” (2017 study, “Why high-dose vitamin C kills cancer cells.”)

You can also reduce acidity in your body by eating an alkaline diet or using alkaline minerals.  One benefit of minerals is that they can also be used to remineralize the dentin in your teeth.  If you’ve given up eating oranges and apples because of sensitive teeth — this simple solution will having you eating oranges again soon.

Over-Alkalinizing your Body

If you take too much ozone or peroxide, you can over-alkalinize your body.  You may feel nauseous or not quite right.  You can drink a half tsp. of vinegar in a glass of water as needed to start your body rebalancing (note that even though apple cider vinegar is acidic, the net effect is to alkalinize your body).  You can also over acidify your body, which can result in vomiting, wearing away at your teeth and bones, or other condition


History of Ozone and Peroxide Therapy

Ozone gas has been used for over 150 years, originally used to treat disease and disinfect drinking water.  Tesla patented the first ozone generator in the US in 1896.  It was widely used during WWI for wound disinfection and healing.  Studies show that ozone therapy’s effects are proven, consistent, safe and with minimal and preventable side effects.

Ozone therapy is regularly used around the world.  In Germany, there are over 10,000 doctors using ozone therapy, commonly it is injected.  In Russia, doctors have been successfully using ozone therapy — especially for tuberculosis — for over 40 years.  Cuba and Mexico use ozone in their clinics and hospitals.

However, in the U.S. ozone therapy has been heavily suppressed, starting with the AMA in the 1933.  In the 1960’s, Dr. Robert Atkins lost his medical license after he announced on his weekly radio show that he had cured a woman of breast cancer by using ozone therapy.  It took huge public outcry and an agreement by Dr. Atkins to never use ozone therapy again — for him to get his medical license reinstated.  In 2010 the FDA seized generators from the Applied Ozone Systems factory in California, claiming they were “potentially harmful to public health.”

In the U.S., food-grade hydrogen peroxide was first studied in 1888 by Dr. I.N. Love of Chicago.  Since then, many studies have been done by many doctors demonstrating the healing effects of ozone therapy.

The medical establishment recognizes hyperbaric oxygen therapy and charges high prices for it — but has failed to validate other forms of oxygen therapy, which it cannot patent or profit from.

Dogs and chickens have low tolerance for peroxide, as they lack the enzyme catalase.


Health Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone and food-grade peroxide provide many benefits to the body:

  • Activating the immune system.  Oxygen and hydrogen peroxide stimulate the body’s natural production of interferon (used to fight viruses), interleuken-2 (stimulates the growth of immune system disease-fighting blood cells), and tumor necrosis factor (used to fight cancer, bacterial and viral infections).
  • Increasing the activity of your “anti-oxidant enzyme systems.”  Oxygen therapy stimulates the production of enzymes which act as free radical scavengers and cell-wall protectors.  Enzymes include glutathione peroxidase, catalase, and superoxide dismutase.
  • Reducing inflammation.  (From study, “Ozone and oxidation therapies as a solution to the emerging crisis in infectious disease management: a review of current knowledge and experience”, 2019.)
  • Improving red blood cell and vascular health.  One study describes this as “improved rheological properties of red blood cells and endothelial nitric oxide production.” Id.
  • Increasing metabolism and improving blood circulation.   Oxygen therapy can stimulate your metabolism by improving the supply of oxygen and important nutrients to various organs, increasing their performance and healing capacity.  Cells can then produce more energy that they can use for various cellular processes.  One study says this includes “increased red blood cell 2,3 diglycerophosphate (greater hemoglobin oxygen release).” Id.
  • Assisting in the detoxification of the liver and blood.  Ozone and hydrogen peroxide combine with numerous toxins and industrial toxins to neutralize them.  This helps the liver, the primary organ responsible for purifying the blood, remove toxins from the body.  Oxygen therapy facilitates the complete oxidation of sugars, which then produces enough energy to “burn clean” to CO2, water, and inert end products.  If not enough oxygen is available, then incomplete oxidation occurs, resulting in carbon monoxide, lactic acid, and partially oxidized toxins that inhibit further oxygen metabolism and “clog the system”, tying up hemoglobin, water, and the mechanisms for elimination.  Oxygen therapy’s facilitation of complete oxidation helps to maintain more normal body temperature, and increases the effects of most hormones, vitamins, herbs, homeopathics, etc.
  • Reducing uric acid levels in the body.  Large amounts of uric acid in the joints cause inflammation and gout, but oxygen therapy can help by decreasing uric acid.
  • Reducing acidity in your body.  This can also be done via alkaline minerals and peroxide.
  • Removing graphene oxide.  Ozone and hydrogen peroxide can help denature and remove graphene oxide from your body.


Chart from a study on the healing effects of medical gases ozone, xenon, and hydrogen: “[L]ately an increasing amount of data have been accumulating that dissolved gases in the form of micro- and nanobubbles actively participate in numerous biochemical reactions.” (2021 Study,“Homeostatic and endocrine responses as the basis for systemic therapy with medical gases: ozone, xenon and molecular hydrogen”).


Studies Show Oxygen Therapy Reverses Cancer, Heart Disease, AIDS, Arthritis, Parkinson’s & Many More Conditions

The chart above lists the many beneficial effects of medical gases like ozone, hydrogen, and xenon.  Numerous studies show oxygen therapy can help hundreds of conditions, such as:

  • Vascular issues such as high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, and heart attacks.  Ozone and peroxide clean the arteries and veins — minimizing risk of heart disease.
  • Viral diseases and infection.  Oxygen therapy can inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, algae and protozoa.  It can reverse conditions such as staph, candida, hepatitis, HIV, C*v–d, Lyme’s disease, etc.  (Note that ozone can kill the B. burgdorferi microbe, responsible for Lyme’s disease, but note that the nanobots carried by that microbe may need to be removed before full healing can happen.)
  • Neurological conditions.  Such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s.
  • Endocrine issues.
  • Arthritis.
  • Optic issues. Such as macular degeneration.
  • Low back pain and lumbar disc issues.

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“Ozone therapy disrupts the integrity of the bacterial cell envelope through oxidation of the phospholipids and lipoproteins.  In fungi, O3 inhibits cell growth at certain stages. With viruses, the O3 damages the viral capsid and upsets the reproductive cycle by disrupting the virus-to-cell contact with peroxidation.”

2011 study ~ “Ozone therapy: A Clinical Review”

Ozone’s Effect on Pathogens

Ozone and hydrogen peroxide oxidize and and destroy a microorganism’s cell wall, causing cellular components to leak outside the cell.  This causes protoplasmic destruction of the cell, damaging constituents of the nucleic acids, and breaks the carbon–nitrogen bonds, which leads to depolymerization.

Some pathogens can be killed in a matter of seconds upon exposure to ozone at high enough concentrationsStudies show that ozone at levels of about .20 PPM for about 30 minutes kills viruses, including corona viruses.

However: Note that the ozone concentrations required to kill pathogens (.20 PPM and higher) are much higher than what is considered safe for humans/animals (.04 PPM).  That means that ozone at concentrations too high can harm your body in the same way it harms pathogens.

Here are the basic mechanisms for how ozone kills various microbes (and can harm your body if the concentrations are too high):

  • Bacteria: Ozone interferes with bacterial cell metabolism, probably by inhibiting the enzymatic control system.  A sufficient amount of ozone breaks through the cell membrane, destroying the bacteria.
  • Viruses: Ozone destroys viruses by diffusing through the protein coat into the nucleic acid core, where it damages viral RNA.  At higher concentrations, ozone destroys the virus’ exterior protein shell so that DNA or RNA structures are affected. (See 2020 study: “Could ozone be an effective disinfection measure against the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)?”)
  • Yeasts, Fungi & Mold: It is believed that ozone destroys fungi and mold by diffusing through the fungal wall and into the cytoplasm, disrupting the organelles that direct cell function.
  • Algae: Algae in drinking water supplies release organic chemicals during normal metabolic processes and after they die.  These chemicals typically do not cause human illness, but do create problems of taste and odor and the potential for increased formation of trihalomethanes.
  • Protozoa & Protozoan Cysts: The exact mechanism by which ozone kills protozoa and protozoan cysts has yet to be determined.
The ozone concentration (ppm) and time exposure (minutes) necessary to reduce the microbial load by 99%. (Id.)


Ozone’s and Peroxide’s Mechanism: Powerful Anti-Oxidizing Agents

Ozone gas is a molecule made up of 3 oxygen atoms.  The third atom makes it unstable, allowing it to interact with the body.  Ozone generators take the incoming oxygen (O2) and expose it to an electric field, transforming it from two atoms of oxygen to three atoms (O3).  Since ozone is very unstable, after about a half hour after it is made it decomposes.  In the human body, ozone reacts with the unsaturated fatty acids of the lipid layer in cellular membranes, forming the same molecules as food-grade hydrogen peroxide does:

  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Singlet oxygen (O)
  • Peroxide ion (OO2–)
  • Superoxide anion radical (OO• –)
  • Hydroxide ion and hydroxl (hydroxy) radical (HO, HO), hydroxyl is a free radical, not good for the body
  • Nitric oxide radical (NO)
  • Ozonides (the ozone molecule bonding to atoms such as phosphorus or nitrogen)
  • Carbonides (other molecules with 4 valence electrons like carbon, such as silicon)
  • Carbonyls (C=O based molecules)
  • Alkanes (molecules of carbon with four single bonds)
  • Alkenes (molecules with double carbon bonds, C=C).

Singlet Oxygen

Singlet oxygen is formed from ozone and hydrogen peroxide:

  • Singlet Oxygen from Ozone: O3 → O2 + O
  • Singlet Oxygen from Hydrogen Peroxide: H2O2 + catalase enzyme → H2O + O

Singlet oxygen is highly reactive and reacts as a powerful anti-oxidant with whatever bio-molecule it encounters, including donating its unpaired electron to unhealthy free radicals.  Singlet oxygen transforms biological waste products and industrial toxins into inert substances by oxidizing them.  This makes them easy to handle for the kidneys and liver.  It doubles the rate of enzymatic metabolism in the mitochondria within each cell, thus enabling the body to cleanse itself of toxins and still have plenty of energy to handle the business of living from moment to moment.  It also kills, or severely inhibits the growth of, anaerobic organisms.  Anaerobic bacteria are pathogens.  All viruses are anaerobic.  This action is immediate, on contact with the anaerobic organism.  Aerobic bacteria found in the human intestine are friendly bacteria, which aid in digestion. These organisms thrive in the presence of ozone and hydrogen peroxide.

Dr. Thomas Levy described how electron-donation heals the body:

“When antioxidants can donate electrons back to oxidized biomolecules (reduction), the normal function of these biomolecules is restored (Levy, 2019).  This is the reason why sufficient antioxidant therapy, such as can be achieved by highly-dosed intravenous vitamin C, has proven to be so profoundly effective in blocking and even reversing the negative clinical impact of any toxin or poison.”

Dr. Thomas E. Levy, “Canceling the Spike Protein: Striking Visual Evidence”, 2021 study.


Oxygen Therapies Produce “Redox Molecules”

“Redox signaling molecules” is basically another term for the beneficial ions produced by oxygen therapies.  One study discusses how ozone produce these molecules, which include peroxides:

Ozone’s beneficial “effects may be accomplished through ozone therapy generating downstream cell signaling redox molecules called ozonides and other shorter-lived reactive oxygen species (peroxides, aldehydes, etc.), which will affect redox status.”

(Study, “Ozone and oxidation therapies as a solution to the emerging crisis in infectious disease management: a review of current knowledge and experience”, 2019)

Another study discusses how hydrogen peroxide is a redox molecule:

Hydrogen peroxide emerged as major redox metabolite operative in redox sensing, signaling and redox regulation

(Study, “Hydrogen peroxide as a central redox signaling molecule in physiological oxidative stress: Oxidative eustress”, 2017)

The company ASEA sells bottled water it claims contains redox molecules. For a mere $40+ you can buy a bottle.  However, they don’t identify which ions are they are selling.  They only identify the water’s ingredients: Water and salt.  A previous product they sold said it “contained highly reactive chlorine and oxygen species, including HOCl, OCl, Cl, Cl2, and O3.”  The appearance of ozone indicates it is just ozonated salt water.

You can make your own ozonated water with electrolytic generators (see the Generators Section below).

Steps to Block a Cold with Peroxide

A spray-bottle of food-grade peroxide works great to knock a cold out before it starts.  (Tesla’s Violet Ray will also kill microbes in your throat, and won’t cause stinging.)  You can also use a nebulizer, neti pot, or gargle with peroxide.  It is best to dilute it to 1.5% so it doesn’t sting as much (OTC peroxide is 3%).  You can add a half tsp. or so of food-grade peroxide in a glass of water or orange juice, and drink periodically.  This will help alkalinize your body, as viruses have a harder time surviving in an alkaline medium.

You can also use a spray bottle of alkaline minerals to counter a cold.  Alkaline minerals are gentler than peroxide, but will soothe your throat.

After peroxide or the violet ray, tonic water (which has quinine) and zinc will help your body break a cold. Quinine makes the outer shell of microbes permeable so your body can take them down; zinc works together with quinine.  Then the standard large doses of Vitamins C and D, plus some garlic and onions, and other immune system boosters can support your body as it heals.

Immune System Boosters: Vitalizing and Energizing your Immune System


Nanobot Colds

Most viruses contain some form of programmed intelligence, in the form of nanobots.  It is recommended to clear nanobots from your body anytime you get a cold.

I recently blocked a nanobot cold with food-grade peroxide before it started once again. I woke up in the middle of the night, noticed the sinuses feeling dry, and a little bit of a temperature.  So I got up, drank a few glasses of water with a teaspoon of peroxide in each, as much as I could stand.  I went back to bed, I could feel my sinuses becoming better, and my sinuses and throat were clear by morning.

In this particular case I was dealing with a “superbug.”  I could clairvoyantly see that after the bug didn’t make it past my immune system, since I had blocked it with peroxide, it mutated into a superbug.  It formed itself into a cubic crystalline shape, a nanobot, using the toxic chemicals they spray upon humanity in chemtrails to kill us.  The nanobot’s modus operandi was to latch onto the body, and tremor, in the attempt to disintegrate it. (Here is CIA director John Brennan admitting to chemtrailing.)

To help the cold fully clear, I drank some more peroxide in water over the next few days, sometimes mixing with orange juice, some pro-biotic fermented juices, vitamin C, and ate light fare.  I could feel my temperature was a little it warmer for a week plus, but I didn’t develop a cold or the flu.

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How to Make your Dog Throw Up Something He Shouldn’t Have Swallowed

If your dog has swallowed poison or something harmful, you can use this technique to cause him to throw it up.  A friend told me this, and used it after her dog swallowed some plastic.  She put 3% hydrogen peroxide in a turkey baster and put it down his throat.  It worked, he soon upchucked the plastic part.


Other Uses for Peroxide and Ozone

Hydrogen peroxide has many other uses, such as use as a disinfectant, mouth rinse, cuts, in laundry as an environmentally-friendly bleach-substitute (think Oxyclean).  You can add it to your bath to absorb it through your skin.  You can use it as a mouthwash, but dilute it in half or don’t use it too much as it can detrimentally affect the dentin.  Peroxide will help seeds germinate faster.  Soak them overnight in a solution of about 1 cup water and 3 tsp. of 3% food grade peroxide, then plant as usual.  Peroxide softens the shell of the seed and kills any pathogens.  As they grow, you can improve the health of the growing plants by spraying them with a solution of 1 tsp. per 2/3 cup of water, or 1-2 Tbsp per quart (32 oz.).

Ozone can be used to help clear bed bugs.  Put diatomaceous earth (DE) around the bed and base boards, then run the generator cyclically for one hour on, one hour off, 24-7 for a week.  The ozone will cause the bugs to cross over the DE and die.  The eggs will die shortly after hatching under exposure to ozone.  Ozone can also be used to kill mites.  Morning and evening, run the generator 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off, two cycles.  Do that for at least 21 days (which is the egg cycle for mites).


Warnings about Hydrogen Peroxide

The over-the-counter peroxide you buy is 3%.  Higher concentrations will burn your skin, so you have to dilute it.  There are deaths reported linked to peroxide, such as two cases in 2005.  But those cases appear to be drug interactions with pharmaceutical drugs the people were taking.  Another thing to note is that consuming too much peroxide can cause your hair to turn grey.

Most importantly, listen to your body, or ask to be divinely guided if you are unsure.

Dogs and chickens cannot tolerate peroxide, as they don’t have the same enzyme that humans and other animals do, which enables them to handle and benefit from intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy (catalase).  Dr. Farr, who researched H2O2 extensively, found that dogs and chickens have low catalase levels and poor tolerance to H2O2.  Pulmonary edema and methemoglobin (hemoglobin that cannot carry oxygen) result from low catalase levels.  There are vets who treat pets with ozone therapy — but they may be also providing proper enzymes.


Warnings about Ozone

As ozone is an anti-oxidant, it can damage the body’s cells.  Additionally, injecting ozone can lead to blood clots and other potentially fatal side effects.  Prolonged exposure to ozone can harm the lungs, but as one study points out, small amounts of intravenous ozone can be healing:

The present knowledge allows to understand the prolonged inhalation of ozone can be very deleterious first for the lungs and successively for the whole organism.  On the other hand, a small ozone dose well calibrated against the potent antioxidant capacity of blood can trigger several useful biochemical mechanisms and reactivate the antioxidant system.

(2009 study, “The ozone paradox: Ozone is a strong oxidant as well as a medical drug”).

Ozone Air Purifiers Can Produce Toxins as Materials Break Down

Ozone works well for air purification, but it can actually increase some hazardous materials while the chemical reactions in the environment are underway.  Many pollutants have to be broken down four or five times before they become safe.  Here are general guidelines for using ozone to deodorize:

  1. Cigarette and Fire Smoke:  Using ozone to deodorize cigarette smoke or fire smoke produces tiny particulate that is harmful to your lungs and immune system.  So the area must be aired out afterwards, and you will also need to wipe down surfaces with a degreaser to remove the sticky tar that often accompanies second-hand smoke damage.  Run for 24 hours, 30 minutes on, one hour off, repeat as needed.  (Long periods are called “shock retreatments.”)
  2. Other Odors:  Run the generator cyclically for one hour on, one hour off, as long as it takes to get rid of the odor.

Ozone Generators Can Produce Nitric Oxides

Ozone should only be produced from pure oxygen.  Using ozone from ambient air or polluted air (such as auto, furnace exhaust, wood smoke, or even candles) can produce hazardous nitric oxides, and some generators can produce toxins as the ozone decomposes them.  Read more below in the generators section.

Ozone Can Harm your Home, Electronics, and Indoor Plants

Ozone can’t go through walls and doors.  But remember that items in your home, such as copper and galvanized pipes, computers, phones, circuit boards such as on appliances, rubber, electrical wire coatings, and some fabrics can be harmed by ozone gas that reaches them.  The free electrons in those singlet oxygen atoms will spank each molecule of metal or other material they come in contact with.  Over time, corrodable materials will be slowly destroyed, and the byproducts of that destruction can be toxic.  You can wrap your cell phone and computers, but there may be other elements in your home that can be at risk.  Excess ozone can harm your indoor plants as well.

A silicone glove can crumble in minutes of exposure to ozone.  Metal can rust in just a few hours.  If ozone can do this to metal, think what too much can do to your body.

From video: Will Ozone Rust Metal????


Administration of Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be healthcare advice or medical diagnosis, treatment or prescribing. Full disclaimer

The Truth about Food Grade Peroxide website offers a list of practitioners, who offer intravenous hydrogen peroxide treatments, but it may be outdated.  Dr. Ron Kennedy of Santa Rose, California, offers intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy, as does Dr. Howard Liebowitz, also in California.

OTC peroxide with stabilizers.

Most people simply buy food-grade hydrogen peroxide.  The OTC peroxide you buy at the store has stabilizers in it.  Stabilizers will inhibit what peroxide can do for your body, in addition to being another toxic chemical your body doesn’t need.  So you will want to buy food grade peroxide.

Call your local nutrition store or coop, they may carry it. Here are some online options below to obtain food-grade peroxide:

How Much Peroxide to Take?

The amount varies, most importantly you have to listen to your body.  If it starts tasting terrible, like you can’t stand it, or you get nauseous — your body has had too much.  Your body may go through some cleansing, which may result in effects such as fatigue, acne, headaches, loose stool. Exercise and fresh air will minimize any cleansing effects.

Food-grade peroxide is sold in varying dilutions.  3% is what you can buy at the drug store, and it won’t burn you.  Higher percentages will burn your skin, so you must dilute it.

You can drink it with juice, but not with carbonated beverages.  Below are some conservative amounts, other protocols list more.

3% Hydrogen Peroxide

In a gallon of water: With 3%, you could start with 1/4 tsp. – 1/2 tsp. to a gallon of water.

In a glass of water twice daily: You could also add 1/4 tsp. of 3% in a glass of water twice a day, morning and evening, preferably on an empty stomach.

35% Hydrogen Peroxide

In a gallon of water: With 35%, you could start with a few drops in a gallon of water, and work up to 30 drops, then reduce back to a few drops.

In a glass of water twice daily: A common 35% protocol recommends these amounts taken twice a day —

  • Week 1: 3 drops 35% twice daily in a glass of water
  • Week 2: 5 drops 35% twice daily in a glass of water
  • Week 3: 10 drops 35% twice daily in a glass of water
  • Week 4: 15 drops 35% twice daily in a glass of water
  • Weeks 5: 20 drops 35% twice daily in a glass of water
  • Week 6: 14 drops 35% twice daily in a glass of water
  • Week 7: 8 drops 35% twice daily in a glass of water
  • Week 8: 3 drops 35% twice daily in a glass of water

After the cycle completes, you can repeat it or continue at the right amount for you.  Everybody is different.  If you are not able to feel what your body needs, as your Divine Self to help guide you.  Allow your body rest periods, as if you are taking too much, peroxide can start oxidizing your body in a detrimental way.


If it feels right, you can also go on a maintenance cycle, which is smaller amounts once a week:

  • 3% in a gallon of water: 1/2 to 1.5 tsp. of 3% in a gallon of water per week.
  • 35%: 5-15 drops per week.


Administration of Ozone

The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be healthcare advice or medical diagnosis, treatment or prescribing.  Full disclaimer

Professional Ozone Administration

There are three general types of professional ozone administration in the US:

  • Major autohemotherapy collects a larger amount of blood through an IV, ozonates it with a machine, then returns it to the patient.
  • Minor autohemotherapy takes a small amount of blood, treats it with ozone then reinjects it.
  • Ozone injections simply inject ozone into the troubled areas.  In the US, prolozone is a product trademarked by Dr. Frank Schallenberger, who has done a great deal of research in the area (after his initial education in Europe).  Prolozone injections typically include:  Ozone/oxygen gas, vitamins B6 & B12, minerals, dextrose, and procaine (the generic form of Novacaine, which can also stabilize and restore damaged membrane potentials, which can result in curing chronic pain just by injecting it).  Anti-inflammatory medications and homeopathics such as Traumeel can also be included in the mixture.  Prolozone is injected into areas of pain or degenerated joints.  Dr. Cassandra Carlone of Minnesota says that x-rays or ultrasound aren’t normally needed, as the injections don’t have to be a “pinpoint” kind of injection.  Rather, once it’s injected it goes where it is needed.  This treatment is also termed prolotherapy (short for “proliferation therapy”).  Doctors say it works by gently inflaming the area, thereby allowing the patient’s own body to repair and create more healthy tissue in areas where it has become weak and or damaged.  However, the molecule ozone has an intelligence itself, a consciousness, and there may be more going on than they are aware of.

Currently there are licensed ozone therapy practitioners in about 40 US states.  You can find one near you on sites such as American Academy of Ozonotherapy (started by Minnesota MD George Kramer), Ozone without Borders, or Oxygen Healing Therapies (the sites also list providers internationally).  Arizona, Idaho, Florida, Texas, and California have a great deal of practitioners.  That means that the pricing will be more competitive.  Also, MDs typically cost more than other licensed professionals, such as chiropractors, NDs or RNs.  For example, a chir0practor in Arizona offers major autohemotherapy at $750 for 6 sessions, and ozone injections at $880 for 6 sessions (plus intakes).

Salve form of ozonated oil.

Ozonated Oils & Salves

Ozone can be administered through ozonated oils and salves.  They are prepared by bubbling ozone through olive or sunflower olive oil until it thickens, then it is humidified.  This process takes about three weeks, producing a salve with ozonides that and can even be applied to the eyes or other parts of the body.  Hemp and sunflower oil hold the most ozonides.  If the process is done less than three weeks, an ozonated oil that has not thickened will be produced.  So if you are buying a product, you have to look for a photo or description that says it is a salve, not an oil.

Ozonated Water

Ozonated water can be produced with electrolytic generators.  Note that cheap Chinese parts can leave unwanted residue in your water.  Products such as ASEA (bottled water selling for a mere $40+) are essentially ozonated water.

Inhaling Ozone with a Nebulizer

Ozone is great to purify air, but it is not recommended to inhale ozone from air purifier-quality generators, such as corona spark generators, as they can output toxins.  Inhaled ozone can cause a temporary burning sensation, and as noted above, prolonged exposure can irritate or aggravate lung conditions.

However, ozone chemistry in the air is not the same as ozone chemistry in water (or in blood infusions).  Ozone can be safely inhaled with a nebulizer.  One nebulizer product mixes ozone with eucalyptus and pine oils, changing the harsher ozone into easy-to-breathe ozonides.  By using this method you can breathe ozone into your respiratory system and sinuses, helping clear respiratory conditions.  This is a “cold plasma” type of generator, which requires an oxygen tank (see below).

Cathether or Ozone Bagging

Ozone can also be administered by catheter or by bathing the body or limb in an ozone chamber.  The ozone is absorbed through the skin.  This is a good way to treat a wound or a pet.

Supplementing Vitamins

Dr. Horst Kief of Germany recommends taking anti-oxidant vitamins along with the use of ozone (A, C, and E).  Vitamin E is active at the cell membrane.  Vitamin C is itself a radical that can speed the electron flow through oxidation.  If ozone is taken for a long time at a high dose, it is wise to take Vitamin A as a preventive measure to prevent the problems of Vitamin A deficiency.


From Ozone production from Corona Discharge


Types of Ozone Generators

Ozone generators create ozone by passing oxygen through a charged field, breaking apart O2 molecules, some of which then recombine into O3 molecules.  There are four types of generators:

  1. Cold Plasma Generators – These are the most expensive.  Tesla designed these in 1896.  They produce ozone using low level current passed in 2 tubes of a noble gas between which an electrostatic plasma field forms that ionizes the oxygen.  They are long lasting or don’t wear out altogether, and don’t need a fan.
  2. Corona Spark Generators:  These are the least expensive.  They are great for air purification, but not recommended for inhalation.  They are made up of dual dielectric sealed systems made from glass quartz, ceramic, or glass.  They run the best in cool, less humid environments.  The warmer the ambient temperature, the less ozone they will produce, whether quartz or ceramic.  You won’t want to put a ozone generator in your car in the hot sun, you are better off waiting till evening.  Most don’t use an oxygen tank, but make ozone from ambient oxygen, so you won’t know how much ozone is produced without measuring it, and they will produce less ozone than medical grade.  They may produce nitric oxides by pulling related molecules from the air, and if the plates get over 100F they will produce more.  There is some debate as to whether quartz glass or ceramic ozone generators are better.
    • Cold Corona with Glass Quartz Quartz generators have a quartz ozone tube that does not need to be replaced, but they can break.  Quartz generators are typically very expensive, except one company below, Forever Ozone, offers affordable quartz generators.  Theoretically quartz generators produce ozone regardless of humidity, but the quartz Forever Ozone model I bought did decrease output with humidity.
    • Hot Corona with Ceramic Plates – These use corona “hot spark” discharge, and are typically inexpensive.  These can burn out due to the heat generated, and the heat also destroys ozone.  The ceramic plates have to be periodically replaced.  Most can run only for a limited period, from 30 minutes to a few hours. Ceramic plate technology also suffers with humidity.  50% humidity corresponds to about a 50% decrease in ozone production.  So if it’s damp in your basement, raining or humid out, expect low output.
  3. UV lamp – These are simple construction: Only a UV lamp with a ballast and fan, which will need to be replaced when they burn out. They are low cost, and produce lower amounts of nitric oxide (NO).  But they also only produce small amounts of ozone.
  4. Electrolytic generators – Used for water purification to kill bacteria and viruses.  These devices impose an electric current through the water to create ozone. The only byproducts are water and oxygen, no toxic emissions such as nitrogen oxides are released.  (Note that cheap Chinese water ozonators can add alot of impurities because the ozone interacts with cheap plastics or metals.)

Possible Toxins from Corona or UV Ozone Generators

Medical grade ozone generators use a 99% pure oxygen tank to make the ozone, therefore they produce no toxins.  Some companies sell inexpensive “medical” ozone devices, but don’t pass any testing.  Then there are cheaper generators that use ambient air instead of O2 tanks, which are used for air purification.  They may produce toxins you wouldn’t want to inhale.

First, corona and UV generators will typically release nitrogen oxides, NO or NO2, but how much they produce is not known without measuring.  (Medical grade generators will not produce nitrogen oxides, as the O3 is produced from pure oxygen, and electrolytic generators only produce water and oxygen as byproducts).  Nitric oxide, NO, exists naturally in your body and supplements are sold for it, but is toxic at high concentrations.   Nitrogen dioxide, NO2, comes from combustion — petroleum, natural gas, wood smoke, cigarettes, even candles.  It is toxic to humans and plants alike.  (Note that laughing gas, N20, is not typically released.)  More nitric oxides are released as the temperature of the plate increases.  Quartz glass corona generators stay cooler, so they release less.  I haven’t been able to find any documented evidence regarding amounts of nitrogen oxides released, perhaps manufacturers don’t want to publicly release this information.  But I have found nitrogen oxide sensors for sale by one ozone generator producer, and statements from manufacturers that their devices do not produce nitrogen oxides (such as from a company selling an electrolytic model, or another stating that UV models release less nitric oxide).

Second, toxins can be released through the materials the device is built from.  Ozone is an anti-oxidant, therefore it will oxidize materials just as it will oxidize your body.  Materials such as steel, nylon, nitrile, iron, and rubber are corroded by ozone.  If they are used in a unit, they will be eventually corroded by the ozone, and toxins may be released into the ozone produced.  (On the other hand, technically the ozone should bind to them and disable them.)

Consumer Review:  Two Ozone Air Purifiers

I bought two corona generators for air purification, a quartz one from Forever Ozone (quartz, 10,000 mg/h) and a ceramic one from Enerzen (ceramic, 11,000 mg/h).  Their outputs were advertised about the same (10,000 and 11,000 mg/h), but they advertised different square foot coverage.  The Forever Ozone had a sticker on it that said it was good for 1000 sqft., the Enerzen advertises it is good for 2000 sqft.  Just based upon smell, the Forever Ozone seemed to output noticeably less than the Enerzen.  On the other hand, quartz models supposedly emit less nitrogen oxides, but I haven’t found any data on this.  The ceramic-plate Enerzen model decreased output drastically when it was raining.  Quartz models like the Forever Ozone aren’t supposed to decrease output when with increased humidity, but it did seem to.  Heat decreases performance.  For the Forever Ozone, I even noticed a difference from 50 degrees to 60 degrees.

Enerzen and Forever Ozone generators.


Some Ozone Generators

Below are some ozone generators.  The least expensive, corona discharge generators, run under $100.  Medical grade ozone generators start around $700 and up, and require an O2 tank or an O2 concentrator.

Without a gauge, it is difficult to know how much ozone is produced by air purifier generators.  Generally speaking, humans should not breathe ozone at levels above .04 PPM.  However, some devices can go beyond those levels.

Corona Quartz Generators

Forever Ozone – Cold Corona Quartz Generator

These are the most affordable corona generators for the quality.  They are quartz cold generators, which are better than ceramic generators, but priced in the same range.  The quartz tube does not have to be replaced, but it may break.  (But as noted above, the the model I bought didn’t seem as strong as an Enerzen ceramic generator).  They are the only company I found which is made in the USA, but some parts may be made in China.

  • Lifetime warranty (very hard to find).
  • US-owned small business.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Sell replacement parts.

Some of their models:

  • “Bare Bones” 10,000 mg/h without fan: $70 on sale.  This is the base model, you just have to add a fan.  There is also a quirky element is that the owner has decided to sell without a cover.  He thinks this provides better air flow and less possibility of rusting.  But on the other hand, the sensitive quartz tube is not protected.
  • “Bare Bones” 10,000 mg/h with fan & timer: $99.  Again, the quirk of no cover.
  • 15,000 mg/h generator: $190.  Stainless steel model with fan and full case.
  • Bare Bones” 15,000 mg/h: $70.  If you want the power of 15,000 but don’t want to pay $190, he sells this as a “bare bones” DIY kit for $70.  The below video discusses this model.

Corona Ceramic Generators

Enerzen – Hot Corona with Ceramic Plates

  • Very inexpensive ceramic corona generators starting at about $70.
  • USA family-owned company, based in Texas (but made in China).
  • They sell replacement parts.
  • Might be a year warranty (the website and insert just refer to a warranty, but don’t state the length).

Some if their models:

Electrolytic Generators

These are used for ozonated water and water purification.

UV Generators

Oxidation Technologies – UV and Corona Generators

This company is geared towards scientists and has many models.  They offer a 5-year warranty, a longer warranty period.  USA company based in Iowa.

Cold Plasma Generators

Promolife – Cold Plasma

  • $250 – Inhaler / Nebulizer, oxygen tank required, tanks run from $130 and up plus connectors.
  • $650 – Mini
  • Made in the USA
  • Ceramic generator

SilverMedicine.org – Cold Plasma

Dr. Ozone – Cold Plasma

Oxygen America – Cold Plasma

Alpha-X – Cold Plasma



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