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My friend Jim, who is an electrical engineer, had explained to me how the grounding wire on a property can create an electro-magnetic field (EMF) in a way which Is detrimental to the residents.  A friend of his had asked him to come over with his meter and measure her house house for EMFs.  Her autistic son would retreat to one particular bedroom in the home, and she was concerned it may be the result of an undesirable EMF.

When Jim measured the home, he found the EMF strongest over where the ground wire was running beneath the floor.  Jim also found that the spot in the home where her son would retreat had the lowest EMFs.  Jim was able to help his friend lower the EMFs in her home.

This post will discuss how EMFs work, what you can do to reduce them in  your home, and restoring ley lines.  You may also wish to consider clearing the spiritual energy in your home to improve your environment.


Ground Wires and Stray Currents

The ground wire is a large #4 copper wire.  You will see it if you open up your electric panel.  If your basement is unfinished you may find it in the floor joists above you. The ground wire allows stray currents to be conducted out of the home safely.  Sometimes the stray currents come from household use.   Sometimes they come from a high-voltage surge through the power lines, either from some system fault (like a high-voltage wire falling on the power lines) or perhaps from a lightning strike somewhere on the system.

The National Electric Code requires a ground wire — about the size of a pencil in diameter — to connect the incoming electrical power (at the panel) to the incoming water main.   This will conduct fault currents to the water distribution system (lots of underground metal pipe), which then conducts it safely to the earth ground.


How Wires Create EMFs

An electromagnetic field is a field of energy generated by a current moving through a wire.  The electromagnetic field decreases the further away from it you are.  Typically, you have the black hot wire carrying the current to light or outlet, and you have the white neutral wire carrying away the current, the two balance and are generally thought to cancel each other out.

But if you have an unbalanced current, such as in the case of a ground wire carrying current in one direction (as was the case with Jim’s friend), this will generate a measurable EMF.  It is known that people living next to large power wires are more likely to develop physical conditions.  These large unbalanced currents are generating large EMFs not beneficial to human bodies.  In the case of a small ground wire in a home, it too can generate an EMF, much smaller, but still not beneficial to the human body, especially if located somewhere near where someone would spend a lot of time, such as sleeping.  Europe recognizes these EMFs as problematic, and has electrical code addressing the issue.  The U.S. does not.


Jim’s Experience Reducing Ground Wire EMFs

Jim described to me how he detected stray EMFs coming from the ground wire of his friend’s home.  He then got the electric company involved in reducing the EMFs, and his friend re-routed the ground wire along the side of the home instead of through the middle.

According to my engineering training, the human body does not respond to low level EMF, but I have been working with a group of people who claim such sensitivity, and I can measure the level of leakage currents and magnetic fields. I worked with one fellow who has severe autism and apparently DOES detect such fields. He and his mother were living in an apartment, and he was having health problems.  Also, he parked himself in one room of the unit and stayed there (except to use the bathroom).  I measured the stray EMF, and the room with the lowest measured field was his room! Obviously, he CAN detect EMF!

 The problem was a stray current that ran down the main ground wire, which ran right down the middle of the living room and dining room in the basement.  I sent an email to NSP (the electric company), pointing out that “tests were run” that measured an 11 amp load coming in to the house, and 7 amps went back out the neutral — and 4 amps down the ground wire.  I signed it with my professional engineer license and master electrician license.  NSP came out and fixed the external wiring between the power pole and each of the local houses!  The fellow’s mother paid an electrician to re-route the ground wire down along the rim joist on one side farthest from the bedrooms. Those efforts reduced the leakage to 2 amps, and moved the offending field away from the living area.


Details about What the Electric Company Did

The neutral wire that leaves the house is usually properly crimped/welded to the neutral wire that goes to the pole.  Then ideally, if 11 amps are coming into the house, 11 amps should be exiting through the neutral wire to the pole.  At the pole the incoming current is fed through a transformer, and there is a ground wire going down the pole and anchored into the ground with a long steel bar, allowing all stray current to go into the earth.  (For people who sense energy, this perhaps does add an energetic problem to the land…)

In the case Jim was describing, the neutral wire from the house had a temporary connector to the neutral wire going to the pole instead of a permanent crimp.  This meant that the current attempting to exit the house would meet some resistance, since there wasn’t a full connection.  So instead of all 11 amps going out the neutral wire, only 7 went out, and 4 went out the ground in the house.

The electric company came and properly crimped together the neutral wire leaving the house with the neutral wire going to the pole with an aluminum crimp.  There were actually 2 neighboring houses which needed the same repair.  After this, when Jim took measurements, there were only 2 amps going out the grounding wire in the house, and 9 going out the neutral wire to the pole.

If you buy an ampmeter, you can attach it to the grounding wire of your house and see how many, if any, amps it measures going out  your house grounding wire.


Moving the Ground Wire

I was able to put this information to use when I had to address a ground wire in the basement of my duplex.  The wire needed to be extended to connect to a newer water main, so I decided to also move it at the same time.

The bare copper ground wire ran directly beneath a bedroom above, underneath where someone was sleeping, and generally down the middle of the house.  Ground wires do not always carry an outgoing current, but when they do, they can generate an EMF.  Jim recommended not having a ground wire underneath a bedroom, or somewhere someone would spend a fair amount of time. It was safer having it travel around the perimeter of the home.

I moved the ground wire over, and ran it along the inside of the foundation of the home.  This moved any EMFs out of the center of the home.  A new ground wire was spliced to the old one, and connected to the present water main, allowing any extra current to exit the property safely.  By relocating the groundwire, the energy of the house looked clearer.  It’s like the ions in the air naturally held light again.

I am glad I did this, even if it cost me some extra money.  It is part of my gift to my tenants and the neighborhood, part of my gift of owning this property and sponsoring the neighborhood.


Frayed Ley Line

The energy in this particular duplex had been needing healing and balancing for a while, and I had been working on restoring the ley lines in the neighborhood for a few years.

I had found what appeared to be a frayed ley line lying directly under the duplex.  One of the original network points for the ley line appeared to still be anchored about half a mile south and over a few blocks.  From there it looked like the ley line arced and split into three or four ends, instead of continuing straight to the other network point.  So the ley line was not anchored at the other network point as it should have been. This second network point appeared to be  be about 15o feet up my block in the middle of the street, where there was a manhole cover.  I had spent many meditations circling energy over this manhole cover without knowing precisely why.

This frayed ley line had created energetic instability in my property, the property next door, and somewhat in the neighborhood.  There  had been a volatility in the energy that I was slowly clearing out by re-anchoring the ley line where it should be, and by removing inappropriate energies that had gravitated there and fed upon the misdirected energy fields.


How to Restore Ley Lines

To restore ley lines, simply call upon God/The Source, and place the intention that you be a channel for the solution.  You can use my meditation Calling forth a Solution to help you.