Margot Anand & Padma Aon Prakasha: Luciferians

Margot Anand (birth name Mitsou E. Naslednikov) is a Luciferian, you can see the evidence below.  She focuses on sexual energy through tantra.  Tantra in itself isn’t necessarily a problem.  But adding Luciferianism to it makes it a demonic experience.  The fact that Anand targets sexual energy is a way for the demonic beings that accompany her to invade people and harvest their sexual energy.  Whether she knows it or not, Anand’s materials are a way of sweeping for consent on behalf of the demonic world.  Unwisely, many people give it.

Margot Anand endorses Padma Aon Prakasha (birth name Vikas Sharma).  He is also a Luciferian who targets sexual energy through tantra.  In addition he creepily goes after women’s wombs, targeting women’s creative energy.  When people like Anand and Prakasha get other people to voluntarily open up their sexual energy, it’s as though the demonic beings stand around the individuals and lick or suck it off them.  (Extremely abhorrent.)

Anand and Prakasha can be called spiritual sexual predators because they are dark agents preying upon other people’s sexual energy.  Sexual energy in particular is sought by the dark side, it is like an elixir to them.  One way the dark side goes after people’s sexual energy is by creating demonic individuals who can gain access for them.  These predators lead people into voluntarily opening up their sexual energy — while the dark side is present.   The demonic agents then feed off and steal the divine energies created.

The marketing material of  Luciferians like Anand and Prakasha is very inviting, and they may even believe some of their lies.  But given their allegiance to dark entities, their true agenda is recruitment for the dark side.

Anand regularly makes gushing praise of Prakasha’s books.  Apparently Prakasha had sex with ageing Anand, thinking he was an expert and wanted to please her.  (Again repelling.)

Each individual has to be careful in shepherding their consent, because one of the key approaches of predators is to convince you to voluntarily agree to be harmed by the dark side.  Read  more about Divine Protection.


Margot Anand references Luciferian Aleister Crowley several times  in her book “The Art of Sexual Magic.”


Tantra Used as a Means to Harvest Sexual Energy

Tantra can teach people how to access their sexual energies.  But I have yet to meet a person who did tantra whose energy whose energy wasn’t in some way invaded.  This is because most of the time they are opening up their energies without discretion, which means anything can and does come in.  And they may often engage in promiscuity, which again opens the door to any variety of dark entities invading them.

In anything you do, you must specify that only God is present.  Or dark entities will come and feed off you.  This includes while you are engaging intimately.  If you desire to access your kundalini, ask your Divine Higher Power for assistance, and spend time listening.  It is best if it comes in Divine Timing, not at the insistence of a spiritual sexual predator.  Learning how to master your own spiritual sexual energy does not require a “teacher” to place themselves in your sexual energy stream, the most intimate part of your being.


Margot Anand praises Aleister Crowley and fails to criticize his Luciferianism, The Art of Sexual Magic.P


The Luciferian Hoax

Luciferians often push the hoax that Lucifer is actually the good guy, he’s the “light bearer” or the “morning star. ”  Poor Lucifer, he’s just “misunderstood.”  This deceit was begun a few hundred years ago with Luciferian Helena Blavatsky.  The dark side is known for deception in order to take advantage of people; but each person is still responsible for shepherding their life with care.


Proof of Margot Anand’s Luciferianism

This list shows you Margot Anand’s support of Luciferianism:

  • Margot Anand cites Satanist Aleister Crowley 6 times in her book The Art of Sexual Magic, calling him one of the “best known sex magicians.” (p. 86)   Anand also publishes Crowley’s notorious comment about self-service and non-accountability: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”  Anand describes Crowley as troubled, but she never states any problem with Lucifer, who Crowley worships. (p. 86)
  • Aleister Crowley wrote several books about “sexual magick“, and Anand wrote two on “sexual magic.”  This is black magic, which includes demonic spells.  Christ never said anything about “sex magic.”
  • Margot Anand gave a glowing review to Padma Aon Prakasha’s book that pushes Lucifer as the good guy, a “light bearer. ”  Anand said, “This book is guaranteed to speed up your evolution and take you on the pathless path into love, freedom, and awakening.” (Open up the Editorial Reviews section to see Anand’s statements.)
  • Margot Anand sexualizes children and suggests that pedophiles can be cured by her tantra.  From an article entitled Tantric sex for hormonal teens:
    • The author says:  “Anand believes Tantra [is] an important tool that adolescents can use to tame hormones and avoid sex addictions and sexual violence.”
    • Anand:  “I have travelled from Europe to America with people who were directors of churches, of parishes, of Jesuit organisations. They have said to me, ‘There is nothing in the church that trains a young novice to handle the boiling hormones and the sexual energy that awakens in them when they come to adolescence.  Nothing…and so we are perfectly miserable.’  Those who cannot channel their energy to higher levels of consciousness, of higher chakras, so to speak, are prisoners of a kind of an addiction, an obsession, and that is why priests are becoming pedophiles.”
  • Margot Anand was happily part of the Osho cult, which is notorious for sexual assault, orgies, and murder plots.


People talk about feeling spiritually raped by Prakasha. From Facebook Group: Testimonies of abuse from Padma Aon Prakasha (aka Vikas Sharma)


Proof of Padma Aon Prakasha’s Luciferianism

Prakasha’s version of the Lucifer hoax says Satan is the bad guy, not Lucifer.

Here are key points showing that Prakasha is a Luciferian/Satanist:


Divine Protection

There are many spiritual predators out there, targeting a humanity alienated from their Divine Source.  It is up to each individual to choose to be Divinely Protected.

The first step to Divine Protection is to always call upon your Divine Source to guide you and protect your from what you cannot see.   I have free guided meditations that can help you build your Divine Connection.  If you  have trouble believing in God, ask that if a benevolent God exists, to please reveal itself to you in a way you cannot miss (and on a positive vibration).

The second step to Divine Protection is to clear and protect your spiritual contracts.  I have information  here that can help you do that for free.

Recognize that you may have entered nefarious situations in order to Systembust them.  In those cases, do everything you can to take responsibility for the situation as that will accelerate your liberation from it.  Utilize what you experienced to break apart the situation, for by engaging with the situation you got it into spiritual contract.  Other steps can include Systembusting in the spiritual worlds, publicly speaking out, and reaching out to others.

Don’t quit and never give up.