Manifesting Tips

In an Unlimited Universe, what are your preferences?

The process of manifesting your preferences entails many options and approaches.  Test them out, find what works best for you.  And always — call upon your Higher Power for all solutions, as those will come the most complete, the most whole, and without unnecessary spiritual contracts.


Manifesting from the Essence

Underlying every physical experience is an intangible energy, which can be called an essence.  In human experience, there is also an emotion that accompanies that physical experience.  The most potent form of manifesting is to focus on the essence, calling that forth, and initially letting go of the physical form.

Focusing on a specific physical form can have a limiting effect on the energy. If you specifically focus on manifesting a blue car, for example, you are limiting the possibilities the Universe can send you. If you focus on the energy behind the form — enjoyable, safe, exhilarating travel about the planet — you open up the field of successful possibilities that can meet your need. You are literally opening up the spigot of energy when you focus on essence.

Typically, towards the end of the manifesting process, you get more specific about the form, or a more specific form appears to you.


Your Emotional Body is a Manifesting Tool

What you are feeling matters, and it can affect outcomes in your life.  Your emotional body is magnetic, it helps you manifest:  It carries energy that helps draw to you your preferences.  Knowing and recognizing your feelings is a key tool not only in manifesting, but also in developing intuition and connecting to the knowledge your Higher Power has for you.

Many people are out of touch with what they are feeling and have a hard time identifying their feelings.  I often hear clients say “I think” instead of “I feel.”  I have had to really push clients to identify what they are feeling, and sometimes have had to provide them a list of emotions to make it easier.  Growing up it may not have been safe to know what you were feeling, however there’s no need to carry these blocks into adulthood.

Culturally, people are often taught to override their feelings if they are uncomfortable or inconvenient to others.  Your emotions may even be inconvenient to you if they are telling you something isn’t right.

However, one of the most helpful processes I have found is helping people identify their emotions.  Knowing what you are feeling is key in many situations, from manifesting, to protecting you, to guiding you to your Highest Good.  Taking back ownership of your emotional body is an essential step in learning to manifest your preferences.


Clarification Exercise

The Clarification Exercise will help you gain clarity about the emotions and essences underlying your preferences. Oftentimes people find commonalities among them, and this helps people understand the energies they are seeking to call forth.

Clarification Exercise for Manifesting


Calling Forth Your Preferences

Once you’ve completed the Clarification Exercise, you can energize your intentions with the free guided meditation Calling forth a Solution on my Free Meditations page.  This meditation calls forth the Source-Created Solution for your intentions, which is the Divinely Created Solution hatched at the Center of the Universe/Heart of God.  Continue calling forth solutions for your list or specific items until you feel you have manifested what you prefer.

Free Meditations


Look for Movement

When manifesting, look for movement.  The outcome is ideal, but along the way recognize movement — any shifts in energy or any changes, to validate that, yes, things are in motion — they are changing and moving.  The ability to shift the energy of a situation is the start, which shows you that more can be shifted.  Then recognizing movement is a way of recognizing that your intention is on its way towards you, and unfolding.  As your preferences come to you, you will have the opportunity to refine more closely what you are looking for, to get more specific in your desires.

A friend who has been at many of my manifesting groups, and who manifested everything on her list from six months prior, tells everyone “Date your List!”  You can look back later and give yourself credit for creating your desires. You will manifest outcomes, and this will help recognize the results of your intentions, and avoid the “moving goalposts” phenomenon.  Also, appreciating what you manifest will help draw to you more of what you appreciate.


“Challenging” Situations

For some situations you can call in a Divine solution once and walk away if you are content to let it evolve and occur in time.  For other situations, it may take more than a few meditations of calling in the solution.  If this is a situation which you would like to accelerate, or doesn’t seem to be shifting, likely it will need more light for its completion.  Just like building a house, for a substantial creation it may take more than one trip to the lumberyard to get all the materials.  Doing a meditation session and calling in light is the same as going and getting the raw materials that are needed for the creation of what you want.

It also takes energy to “discreate” something.  If you’ve ever done demolition work on a house, it involved a great deal of physical labor.  The suggestion is to continue sending light, calling in solutions, finding the issue at deeper and deeper levels until the energy shifts.  Yes, it may take some time to shift some deeply embedded issues.  But now is the time to succeed — in this life you have now.  You will feel better taking this issue on than you would feel walking away and allowing what you do not prefer to flourish.


The Creative Process and the Buffer of Time

In Ask and It is Given, Esther Hicks speaks about time and the manifesting process. While some of Hicks’ materials can have a decidedly naive approach, this book does make a good point about the manifesting process.  The book says that before arriving on earth, “you knew that there would not be an immediate manifestation of any thought, so that you would have ample opportunity to mold, evaluate, decide and enjoy the Creative Process. We refer to that time between your offering of a thought and its physical manifestation as ‘the buffer of time.’ This is that wonderful time of offering a thought, noticing how it feels, adjusting the thought to achieve an even better feeling, and then, in an attitude of absolute expectation, enjoying the gentle, steady unfolding of anything and everything that you have concluded as your desires.” (p. 73)


Taking Responsibility for Non-Preferred Thoughts

Your mind and consciousness can be used to troll for spiritual consent.  If you find negative experiences and outcomes in your thoughts, notice these thoughts and refuse them.  You can say things such as “No negative power” or “I refuse consent.”  (Read more at the Spiritual Contracts page.)

There is a great deal of discussion about controlling your thoughts as a means to create your reality.  I find this route less effective, and it can be quite exhausting expecting the mind alone to create desired outcomes.  The mind is but one component to successful manifesting.  The mind alone typically does not have sufficient power to do the heavily lifting that can be necessary.

I prefer to use the mind as in indicator of my experience.  I find it easier to call in my preferred experiences, which will then set the preferred thoughts, as opposed to continually having to supervise the mind.

Spiritual Contracts


Spiritual Contracts in Manifesting

Spiritual contracts can impede your ability to magnetize your preferences.  Spiritual contracts can be unfair or deceptively obtained. They can also be rightful and in balance.  Either way, it is good to start from clear footing when you are manifesting.



There are an infinite number of approaches to manifesting.  Try many on for size, see what works for you, what doesn’t.  And always hearken back through that Greatest Positive Power in the Universe.  It will ultimately will provide you the most effective solutions beyond any approach.




Note:  I learned some of the information about focusing on the essence from Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman of Luminessence.  Their materials taught me much about lighworking and manifesting.  (I initially learned with Suzy Black, who was an excellent teacher of their modality, and who taught me many skills about how to lightwork to shift energy and circumstances.)  However, at this time I do not recommend Sanaya Roman or Duane Packer’s materials, as Sanaya Roman follows Alice Bailey, who worships Lucifer.  Since Sanaya and Duane own a business together, they are in spiritual contract together, and Sanaya’s dedication to Lucifer puts Duane Packer in contract with Lucifer.  Duane Packer has not made any statement disavowing Lucifer.  Hence their both materials can put you in contract with Lucifer.