Gregg Braden Follows Luciferian Helena Blavatsky | “Zero Point”

A client brought Gregg Braden and the idea “zero point” to my attention.  So I looked him up.  I soon found Braden is a follower of avowed Satanist Helena Blavatsky.  By promoting Blavatsky’s (flawed) ideas, Gregg Braden acts as a recruiter for the dark agenda.  Following him can put you in contract with the dark side/Lucifer/Satan.  (Free information on protecting your spiritual contracts here.)


“Zero Point” is Death

Gregg Braden uses Blavatsky’s term “zero point” in the title of a few of his books, which purport to discuss some profound spiritual principles. However, the term “zero point” is a non-scientific euphemism for death, and the dark agenda always to sell death to people.

In his book Awakening to the Zero Point, Braden defines “zero point” as: “The amount of vibrational energy associated with matter, as the parameters defining that matter decline to zero.” This does not exist. Scientists have yet to find a point where energy of matter declines to zero. And even if a body is physically dead — the body still contains vast quantifies of energy and potential contained in the molecules.

Also note that Blavatsky’s book was written in the 1800s, long before modern science.

This death notion is a fantasy sold in order to brainwash people to surrender their Divine Self to the dark agenda. The dark agenda then sucks the Divine energy out of the being. This “zero point” is highly sought after by the dark agenda, which is always looking for bodies to invade.

If you have ever known what God is — an Infinite Source of Power, Potential and Knowledge — you know that this Infinite Power never rests. This “zero point” definition is quite laughable, and demonstrates that neither Braden nor Blavatsky have true knowledge of what God is.


Braden is an Agent for the Reptiles

When I connected with Braden’s soul, it said it was an “agent for the Reptile nation.” Reptilian systems are an example of demonic systems that use earth inhabitants by invading their bodies. These systems get control of people’s bodies, then lock the person’s life into energetic prison matrixes, where they can be used like slave robots to continue the expansion of the Reptilian system.


“But He Tells the Truth”

The dark side uses the truth to bait people, con them into giving their consent. This is an ancient trick. The dark side copies. It does not originate. And if the dark side is copying the truth and selling it — don’t you think that the original version will be far more accurate?


Helena Blavatsky:  Recruiter for Satan/Lucifer

Helena Blavatsky worshiped Lucifer/Satan, and acted as a recruiter for the dark agenda. Blavatsky actually said, “ It is ‘ Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god’.” Blavatsky published a magazine called “Lucifer.” Blavatsky extolled Lucifer, claiming this demonic agent was a “light bearer.” (Secret Doctrine vol 2, p. 33; PDF page 51) Blavatsky produced many rambling obtuse materials, intended to mislead people into thinking Lucifer/Satan are God. Blavatsky frequently mixed references to Christian and Angelic beings. However, the intent behind doing so was to deceive people into following her dark religion, not because she believed in or followed them. Blavatsky took these names in vain. Plain and simple, Blavatsky was a recruiter for the dark agenda.

In her book The ABCs of Globalism, Debra Rae says that Hitler read Blavatsky, something I wouldn’t doubt.

Below is an excerpted quote from Blavatsky’s book Secret Doctrine.


Look Up Blavatsky’s Statements Yourself

The above excerpts can be found in Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Blavatsky’s book The Secret Doctrine. After the excerpts are the volume numbers and pages where you can find the quotes. (The PDF document for each volume has different page numbers than are printed in the actual document, so both page numbers are provided after the excerpt.)


“Holy Satan.” (vol 2, p. 233, PDF p. 251)

“It is not only one of the most hidden secrets of Nature … the ‘ Fall ‘ of the Angels, as it is called. Satan and his rebellious host would thus prove, when the meaning of the allegory is explained, to have refused to create physical man, only to become the direct Saviours and the Creators of ‘divine Man…'” (vol 1, p. 193; PDF p. 243)

“Thus ‘Satan,’ once he ceases to be viewed in the superstitious, dogmatic, unphilosophical spirit of the Churches, grows into the grandiose image of one who made of terrestrial a divine man…” (vol 1, p. 198; PDF p. 248)

“It is ‘ Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god…'” (vol 2, p. 234; PDF p. 252)

“Satan, or Lucifer, represents the … ‘ Centrifugal Energy of the Universe ’… ” (vol 2, p. 245; PDF p. 263)

“This ever-living symbol of self-sacrifice for the intellectual independence of humanity…” (vol 2, p. 507; PDF p. 524)