Gift | Clear your Spiritual Contracts on your Own

This page will show you how to clear your spiritual contracts on your own for free.  The two steps include:

  1. Written Exercises:  Reset your Spiritual Agreement and Sign a Contract with God
  2. Guided Meditation:  Reset your Soul, to help you start reviewing your spiritual contracts.

I have also made guided meditations you can purchase to walk you through the process.   If you feel there are issues you are not able to shift on your own, I also offer Private Sessions.



1a. Written Exercise to Reset your Spiritual Agreements

The first step to clearing your spiritual contracts is to reset all your agreements.  This process is like having God (or your term for your Higher Power) rewrite all your contracts for you.  This will reset agreements that have been cast outside of God.  This may mean entire agreements are cleared, or just clauses may be.  Agreements that you have been born into, which are not your responsibility, will be reset.  The entire genetic lineage you occupy may be reset — past, present, and future.  The agreements throughout your entire lifestream will be reset.  The process is thorough, and you will still have your free will to choose what you prefer in the future.

Language to Reset your Spiritual Agreements

This statement can be used to reset your spiritual agreements.  I would suggest writing the intention out, reading it aloud, signing it, and doing some prayer and meditation to integrate it.

Universal Source (Your term for this), show me the Source-Created Solution℠ for:

      • Placing me in direct connection with the Universal Source,
      • Placing a protective layer of light around myself, my life, my loved ones, and my home,
      • Clearing all non-aligned energies, known and unknown,
      • Releasing any failure to align by any part of my being,
      • Deleting and replacing all my records,
      • Resetting all my Agreements through the Universal Source.
      • Resetting all my Soul Decisions & Personal Compacts through the Universal Source,
      • Resetting all my Gifts & Visitors through the Universal Source,
      • Sharing this process with all friends, family, loved ones, past, present, & future. 

Thank you, it is done.  ~ Your signature        

Sharing of the process usually happens at the spiritual level, and means that the Source will do so according to consent.

You can use the free Reset your Soul Meditation below to anchor the resetting.  A friend of mine told me that every morning for a period of time she read her reset statement aloud, and she could feel it helping to clear energies from her.

It is likely you will be tested in some ways to confirm you want to release any old contracts.  Another person told me that after resetting her agreements, she was sensing in her aura a deceased spiritual leader she followed.  The spiritual leader was of the Family of Light, but she realized it wasn’t for her Highest Good to keep calling upon him, and that this was a test as to whether she was willing to let him go or not.

The purpose of deleting and replacing records is a protective purpose.  Typically that step deletes records and replaces them with something like a pastel color.  When souls exist on the earth plane, they may be carrying their spiritual records out in full view.  This is like having your credit card numbers posted out in front of your house.  The Source will determine which, if any, records should be deleted for earth view, while the original is kept at the Source.


1b. Written Exercise to Sign a Contract with God

The dark side uses any method it can to gain spiritual contracts.  This can include deception, spiritual assault, and tactics like getting a vulnerable child into contract for the rest of his life.  There can be rogue parts of yourself that agree to contracts you are not consciously aware of.  However, you can protect yourself from any dark agenda tactics to own your soul.

Signing a Contract with God will put God in charge of all your contracts.  This means there are three names on every contract you sign:  Yours, the being you are signing with and God.  If anyone wants a spiritual contract with you, they have to go through God.  No contract will be approved unless God approves it.  And no contract will be released unless God approves.

The reset process basically cleanses you.  A Contract with God sets up an ongoing contract of safety for you after that.

Signing Contract with God was something I learned to do to protect myself as I systembusted black magic con man Mas Sajady (who I defeated in court).  I have seen this work time and time again to protect people.  Like the reset process, you still have your free will, and  you are still responsible for your choices.  But you will protected from predatory and falsely cast spiritual contracts.

Language to Sign a Contract with God

Here is the language I used to sign a contract with God.  I would suggest writing the intention out, reading it aloud, signing it, and doing some prayer and meditation to integrate it.  You can use the Reset your Soul Meditation below to anchor your contract in the physical realm.

Universal Source, God (Your term for this), I am signing a contract with you that you are in charge of all my contracts –

      • All my contracts are Light contracts, 
      • You appoint, author, and sign all my contracts 
      • No side contracts! No backdoor contracts! 
      • No rogue parts accepting contracts, 
      • No vulnerable parts being beguiled or broken into, 
      • According to my preferences, 
      • Indefinitely ascending on a positive, neutral or silent vibration. 

May this process be shared with all friends, family, loved ones, past, present, & future.  And so it is!  

 ~ Your signature        

Sharing of the process usually happens at the spiritual level, and means that the Source will be called in to also liberate the souls of everyone you are connected to, according to their consent.



2. Guided Meditation to Reset your Soul

This free guided meditation will help you begin taking charge of your spiritual agreements.   You can find more free meditations here.

This guided meditation:

  • Is a starting point to reset all your agreements with the Universal Source.
  • Will help you begin examining areas where you are giving consent that you may not want to, by having you ask: “Where am I consenting or allowing myself to be harmed that I may not be consciously aware of?”
  • Accesses Golden Crystalline Energy to help reset your soul and clear your energy.

Before beginning, think of any areas you’d like to request resetting in, and any people you’d like to request healing for.


Download or Listen here (15 minute meditation)


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