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Big Media & Tech Blackout

There is massive evidence of election fraud occuring in the recent election — but Big Tech and Big Media have a blackout on covering it. If you only get your information from Big Media — you are not hearing the whole story. I bet a friend of mine who follows Big Media as to who would win the election, I’m sure his $$$ is mine.

Election Fraud in Minnesota?

YES election fraud is going on in Minnesota. Here are a few key examples:

Stay tuned, I am sure there will be more uncovered, likely turning over some MN elections.

How Election Devices Switch Votes

The software that switches votes was used in all swing states.

The three suspect systems used in Minnesota and across the nation are Dominion, Hart, and ES&S. They all have modems, which means they can cannot be federally certified. Having modems also means the devices can connect online, where the results can be viewed and altered.

Dominion whistleblowers say Dominion has the ability to watch the voting as it happens and switch votes via remote online access.

Dominion whistleblowers have also come forward saying in fact that votes have been altered, and that even the Dominion manual tells how to do it.

A Dominion whistleblower from the military says that Dominion was designed to switch votes.

In one county in Michigan that used Dominion devices, 6000 votes were switched. (64 other counties use the same software)

Dominion is a foreign company, and it is promoted globally via a Clinton Global Initiative.

Hammer and Scorecard software are also corrupt.

There are active investigations and lawsuits going on, but likely you haven’t heard anything about it. For example, Supreme Court Justice Alito ordered that late PA ballots be separated and counted separately.

Voter Fraud across the Nation

Here are some of the latest videos about voter fraud banned and censored by Big Tech.

State Employees Train Poll Workers to Lie to Voters, Destroy Ballots, & Stop Challenger

In Michigan there were poll watcher training sessions — where they were instructed to cheat.

The Michigan AG threatened the reporter of the above video with criminal prosecution for posting this video.

Voter Fraud Compilation: Hour and a Half of Voter Fraud Videos

Here’s an hour and a half of voter fraud caught on tape. This includes post office employees backdating mail, ballots burned, stolen, clerks filling out ballots, refusing pollwatchers admittance, throwing pollwatchers out, blocking windows, ballots being backpacked in …

More Voter Fraud Videos Here

Welcome to Biden’s America: Baseball Hat to the Head & More Election Fraud

The CIA Agents in Congress “Won” Their Reelections

The two CIA agents in congress of course got reelected. The counties in their districts used all of the suspect devices:

Elissa Slotkin of MI, 51%-47%, counties consisting of:

  • Livingston County (Hart)
  • Oakland County (Hart)
  • Ingham County (Dominion, this county is the place of another lawsuit to turn over the election results)

Mikie Sherill of NJ, 53.3% to 46.7%, counties consisting of:

  • Essex (Dominion)
  • Morris (Dominion)
  • Passaic (Dominion & Canon)
  • Sussex Counties (ES&S)

The CIA has many many agents on the payroll at media companies, why not Congress?

Apocalypse Hoax

Worried about corona virus? Read more here.

Cancel the Dark Agenda!

You are needed to refuse consent to all dark agendas. Take a moment right now and say:

“I cancel all consent to the Deep State and all dark agenda intentions.” Then ask your Higher Power to cancel all possibilities as well.



Happy October

It’s been a great month, from Hunter Biden’s laptop surfacing with apparent violent pedophilia — to Hillary Clinton emails being released — to protesting church president Gary Perisaian at his house — to Mas Sajady finally admitting he’s a Satanist.

And of course the possessed #MaskNazis are still marching to take away your Constitutional liberties. Muzzles are Step 1. After the dark agenda convinces everyone they need to wear muzzles, then it can continue to seek compliance for everything else that forfeits your constitutional liberties, step by step. (This video shows the dirty sweatshop conditions where these supposedly “sanitary” muzzles are made.)

Instead of muzzing us — we need to muzzle the Dark Agenda.

About a million people defying orders in Berlin.

Hunter Biden’s Laptop: Witnesses Say it Contains Violent Child Rape

Witnesses say that the videos on Hunter Biden’s laptops contain him violently raping young girls and brutally torturing them.

VIDEO: Guliani Talking about the Evidence on the Laptop

VIDEO: A Chinese national describing the Hunter Biden videos.

VIDEO: Protesting Church President Gary Perisian at his House

Watch church president Gary Perisian get confronted at his house about hosting admitted Satanist Mas Sajady. Perisian allegedly swindled this house from the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, which he now conveniently runs like a Little Hitler.

VIDEO: Church President Gary Perisian Responds with Profanity when Confronted

VIDEO: Mas Sajady Finally Admits He’s a Satanist

We’ve know this for years, now Sajady has finally admitted it. Sajady and his self-described prostitute Fei Zhou probably thought an admission like this would buy them points from the dark side, but all it’s done is scared people off, as it should.

VIDEO: Mas Sajady Admits He’s a Satanist

The “Riots” Coincide with Federal “Opportunity Zones”

34 out of 37 cities that had riots have Fed banks. Catherine Austin Fitz, former Clinton official, says: “These weren’t riots, they were an acquisition plan…. This is an invasion.”

Fitz discusses how most of the real estate destroyed was in opportunity zones to get land owners and business owners to sell out cheap so the elites can come in, build large buildings and not have to pay taxes.

Read More Here


Covid-19 vaccine trial participant dies, experiments continue on human survivors

Did you See Those 30,000 “Lost” Hillary Clinton Emails?

Those supposedly lost Clinton emails have been released, and you can find them here.

Besides all of the other damning evidence such as having all the members of Seal Team 6 killed to cover up Deep State crimes, you find Hillary Clinton sitting around emailing about eating food with political figures, using suspected Pizzagate language.

It is worth noting that these emails were “found” shortly after Millie Weaver released her video with insiders saying that everyone’s everything is storedon servers in Germany — including Clinton’s 30,000 emails.

Here are a few emails I found. In the first one, rapist Harvey Weinstein sucking up to rapist Hillary Clinton (ask Cathy O’Brien).

Here’s Clinton talking about “eating some pizza” with former WY governor.

​Here’s “weirdo” Clinton aide Phillip Reines talking about “mixing meats and cheeses and sauces that shouldn’t be combined”, using multiple Pizzagate terms.

CIA Agents in Congress

Duid you hear about CIA agents getting elected to Congress? Did you also hear that the CIA has many many agents on the payroll at media companies (think Jim Acosta)? Why is the CIA tyring to engineer this republic?

Cancel the Dark Agenda!

You are needed to refuse consent to all dark agendas. Take a moment right now and say:

“I cancel all consent to the Deep State and all dark agenda intentions.” Then ask your Higher Power to cancel all possibilities as well.

Clear your Spiritual Contracts

It is also recommended to clear your spiritual contracts. Information here on how to do that.

Healing Sessions

I have studied and practiced healing and lightworking for nearly 30 years. I have learned techniques to shift people at the soul level and issues affecting the lifestream of a soul. I have learned how to spiritually protect myself and others while systembusting dark energy systems, and to protect and clear spiritual contracts.

I am available for private healing sessions. Sessions are tailored to the needs of the student. Prior to a session I talk with you about what you feel you need most. I also tune in with your soul to determine what will help shift you the most.

Sessions typically include intuitive feedback, written exercises, a tailored guided meditation to teach you how to manifest your preferences, and use of a Radionics device to contribute to shifting your energy as effectively as possible. I follow up with clients a few weeks later, to see how they are doing and answer any questions they may have.

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Was George Floyd a death sacrifice called in by Mas Sajady?

Mas Sajady has been lurking at the George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis several times now, posting about it on social media. Sajady pretends he’s there to “help.”

However, Sajady is avowedly demonic, takes pleasure in death, and even admits his black magic kills people.  There has been a cloud of alleged mysterious deaths surrounding him.

Was George Floyd a death sacrifice called in by Mas Sajady?


Watch Video Here

 Cancel a Civil War and Riots:   Your Refusal is Needed
You are needed to refuse consent to all dark agendas! Take a moment right now and say, “I cancel all consent to a civil war, riots, or any dark agenda intentions.”  Then ask your Higher Power to cancel the possibilities as well.A Yugoslavian Woman’s Warning to AmericansA Yugoslavian woman describes what happened in Yugoslavia in the 90s, and warns the same can happen in the US:     Scripted, emotionally-charged events designed to turn citizens against each other, the purpose was to invoke a deadly civil war. The hatred was pushed by the media, followed by shootings, violence, media hysteria and revolution. The goal was to install a totalitarian regime.
VIDEO: Yugoslavian woman issues warning to all Americans – unfolding events are following a scripted pattern of invoking hatred and violence to bring down AmericaPastor’s Vision:  Riots in November, More Corona Virus Hysteria in Sept-Oct

Pastor Dana Coverstone has been shown several prophetic dreams over the last seven months or so, and the visions he saw for the spring and summer of this year have already come true.  I think he is accurate, and the purpose of this information is to give everyone an opportunity to refuse consent and call upon Divine Intervention. Coverstone predicts more riots in November after the election, another round of corona virus hysteria in September-Octoer of this year, and hyperinflation, and other problems. (These are orchestrated by the New World Order (NWO) in the attempt to force the US into a totalitarian state.)  Coverstone sees what he calls gargoyles and vultures over various cities. These are typically Reptilians and/or Satanic beings, possessing humans to commit evil acts.

I think there will be some of what he is talking about, but the NWO won’t be able to be as successful as it would like.

Video:  Pastor’s prophetic vision sees UN troops on the streets of America THIS YEAR 

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24 Reasons (and Counting) why Corona Virus is a False Flag:  Goats and Papaya Test Positive for Corona Virus.

There are many reasons why the corona virus hysteria is highly suspect, including goats testing positive, murders being called deaths due to corona virus,and people who never took the test being told they have it. op% of the mainstream media is owned by 5 companies (down from 6) — and they coordinate to try to send out the same message to brainwash everyone away from their own sovereignty.

Here are a few facts that should get your critical thinking skills going:

1. States have been ordered to fraudulently inflate corona virus numbers.

2. Birx even admits to inflating numbers.

3. People who get the flu shot are 36%more likely to get corona virus

4. 333 Florida labs report 100% of people test positive for corona virus

5. Faucis’ crooked past includes force-testing HIV drugs on foster children.

Read More Here

Rioters Used Machine Guns to Break In | The Karmic Trap | MPLS RIOTS 

I spoke to a Minneapolis business owner who reported that rioters and looters cased out businesses during the day, then used machine guns to break in at night. Rioters and looters stole plastic garbage cans to set on fire and use to burn down businesses.

Video also posted here.

Lake Street Tour

A few of us also took a tour of the Lake Street Damage (destruction courtesy of Virginia native Jacob Frey, who let Minneapolis burn.)

Watch the Tour here.

UCare Refusing Facemask Exemption AppointmentsBesides violating so many other constitutional rights, MN governor Tim Walz is now trying to force facemasks on everyone.  There’s nothing in the US Constitution that says you can mandate a piece of clothing. The real reason for this type of thing is to condition people to follow orders. Next they’ll try:  No shopping at the grocery store if you’re not microchipped.

At least people who have a medical reason don’t have to comply with this current facemask political agenda.

So I called my doctor to schedule an appointment for a facemask exemption — and panicked UCare called back in a few hours an cancelled!   Seems like a political move to me.

Video also posted at:
VIDEO:  Ucare Refusing Mask Exemption Appointments