DMSO & Tea Tree Oil: Good for Boils and Some Skin Conditions

DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is derived from wood.  When you apply it to  your skin, it makes your cells permeable, so whatever you are applying can permeate your cells more easily.

DMSO has very little institutional acceptance, and very possibly the resistance has to do with Big Pharma not being able to profit off it.

Researchers have found that DMSO can help a variety of conditions.  They say it can be beneficially combined with anti-biotics, dissolves the protein coating around a virus, aids in heavy metal detoxification, can aid macular degeneration and retinal disease, strokes, spinal cord injury.  One of way DMSO assists is by increasing the blood flow to the affected area.  It could probably and used for skin infections like MRSA.  I have heard of DMSO being used with Vitamin C megadoses.

DMSO and Tea Tree Oil can be combined for external applications.  The DMSO makes cells permeable to the Tea Tree Oil, which then kills the microbes it encounters.  For example, bacteria are able to wall themselves off, so your immune cells are not able to reach them to remove them.  But the DMSO makes the bacterial cell wall permeable to not only the Tea Tree Oil, but also to your immune cells, which can then go to work.

One drawback is that when DMSO and Tea Tree Oil are applied externally, they will sting a bit on application, and will cause your skin to redden and burn a bit.

Here are a few  ways you can use DMSO and Tea Tree oil externally.



DMSO and Tea Tree Oil work for boils, far better than antibiotics or a medical procedure.  Apply a few drops of each of Tea Tree Oil and DMSO to a boil several times a day.   The DMSO will make your skin permeable to the Tea Tree Oil, which will kill the bacteria it reaches.  The DMSO will also allow your immune system cells to cross the boil wall and the bacterial cell walls to reach the bacteria and start taking them down.  The boil will start reversing course in about a day’s time.  Continue applying for several days.  The DMSO and Tea Tree Oil will burn a bit and cause flaking of your skin, but you can avoid a medical procedure to treat the boil.


Black Moles

DMSO and Tea Tree Oil can remove symmetrical black moles.  (Note that asymetrical black moles are a different case.)  Stick a pin in the mole and see if you feel anything.  If not, this is a growth that is not your own skin.  Apply a drop of each Tea Tree Oil and DMSO a few times a day and cover.  The mole will wither and can often be seen separating from your actual skin over a period of days.



Tea Tree oil and DMSO can be used for acne, but it does cause reddening and flaking of the skin that can make your skin look worse initially.


Buying DMSO

Here is some DMSO you can buy, the only difference is a glass bottle vs. a plastic bottle.