Death and Disaster Sacrifices

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There is a very nefarious spiritual war occurring over on Planet Earth.  For a long time the dark agenda has made the rules here.  Death sacrifices have never been necessary.  But many times, in order for God to have the right to exist on the planet, the dark agenda has demanded death in order to concede territory.  There are many warriors fighting for God’s right to exist, who have fought for thousands of years, and will continue to do so.  Even normal people living normal lives can be soldiers for the Light without realizing it.  At this time the tide is turning, but there still is much work to do.

God’s love is eternal, as is His/Her commitment to the salvation of all involved in this war.

I personally have seen souls willing to leave their positions as dark agenda warriors and return to the Light.


Why Death Sacrifices are Sought

Death sacrifices are sought by the dark agenda for any of a variety of reasons:

  1. To sabotage the Divine Plan.
  2. To deprive people of love and support, in particular God’s warriors.
  3. To attempt to harvest people’s souls, stealing them after they die (black magic con man Mas Sajady regularly attempts to steal souls).
  4. To create and take pleasure in suffering and crisis (Mas Sajady takes pleasure in the deaths of others).
  5. To harvest and benefit from the energy created (Sajady says he uses others deaths to “resolve” issues).
  6. To pay off debts to the dark side (Sajady says dark sources “help” him; they don’t work for free).

If the dark side is not able to get a death sacrifice, they often settle for disasters.


Types of Death Sacrifices

There are many types of death sacrifices, and they all hearken back to the head of the dark agenda on the planet, Satan.  Some death sacrifices are called in through black magic, some are through large demonic ET systems (such as the one behind demonic con man Mas Sajady), some occur through ritual Satanic sacrifice.  Sometimes death sacrifices are called blood sacrifices.

A death sacrifice can happen in any fashion, with or without conscious human awareness of what is occurring:

  • Murder
  • Suicide
  • Illness
  • Sudden death (such as heart attacks or dying while sleeping)
  • “Accidents.”


Death Sacrifice Example:  US Bank Stadium

On August 15, 2015, US Bank Stadium construction worker Jeramie Gruber fell to his death.  Non-local US Bank had fought with local TCF Bank for the naming rights, and won.  In order for US Bank to win, a dark spiritual contract had been signed that they would get the naming rights in exchange for the death of one person, as a curse to the building.  Then-CEO Richard Davis signed the spiritual contract. (Davis may also have bribed officials.)

In the picture below Davis is flashing the NWO’s favorite handsign, the 666.  He has also made the “Roc” handsign.  In 2011 Davis was making $7.3M a year.  He retired in 2018 to work for  an organization that focuses on ill children.  The NWO is notorious for “foundations” that purport to help children in order to sex traffic them.  (Photo credit: Karen Tapia)

When you look at the bizarre (and ugly) design of US Bank stadium, it looks like a multiplex version of the black cube, common among NWO symbolism.


How ET Death Sacrifices Occur

ET systems have access to advanced technology that can be used to kill people more quickly with invisible weapons.  These weapons can send dark energy that can cause a suicidal state; exacerbate and make fatal any illness; create heart attacks, accidents, shootings, broken backs, car crashes etc.  All of these things have happened to many people connected to con man Mas Sajady.

Although technically the dark side is required to have the individual or soul’s consent, many times consent is obtained by intimidation, coercion or deception.  Souls can be tricked in to giving consent — into agreeing to a dark spiritual contract. For example, I have seen the demonic system behind black magic Sajady send out fake spiritual contracts, so the souls who got them thought they would have a contract with him (usually to be harmed).


ET Death Sacrifice Example:  Mas Sajady Calls in Death Sacrifices to Pay his Demons

Mas Sajady claims he had a near death experience in 2006. However, the more likely interpretation is that the dark agenda fully enslaved him at this time, and he agreed. The dark agenda knew he was very, very dirty (Sajady and Zhou post alleged pedophile symbols in their marketing). The dark agenda knew it could say: “Do what we say or we will turn you in”, and he would comply.

And he did.

So Mas Sajady started a Luciferan-based new-age scam.  He brags about how demons would routinely assault him at 3am.  The demonic system backing Sajady can do things such as cause illness, suicidal ideation, accidents; it can coerce a soul into becoming willing to die.

Mas Sajady admits he works with demons, saying “I have dark sources that help me, that keep me safe.” Sajady takes pleasure in death, and encourages suicide among his cult followers. Sajady has admitted his black magic kills people, saying people “cross over faster” because of him. That is murder. And there has been a cloud of alleged mysterious deaths surrounding Sajady. The deaths are among relatives, employees, clients, neighbors, and even strangers, and allegedly include Justine Damond, George Floyd, Philando Castile.  The video at the top of this page examines Sajady’s connection to George Floyd’s death.

Sajady is running a death cult, which is acting out the dark agenda’s plan for humanity:  Suicide, death and disaster. It is believed Sajady calls in death and disaster sacrifices to pay the demons that control him. 

ET Death Sacrifice Example:  Employee Kaille Padgett

This video (banned on Youtube) discusses death sacrifices as they relate to his employee Kaille Padgett, who has had posted many deaths on her Facebook page while working for Sajady.  In very bizarre demonstrations of ethical misconduct as a public relations agent, Padgett has called Sajady critics “slave b***s” and threatened them with annihilation.  (Neither Padgett nor Sajady have ever apologized or retracted her statements.)

For her devout loyalty to a black magic agent, it appears Kaille Padgett has kindly been the recipient of deaths and disaster.  For if you accept hand outs from the dark side, you are giving consent to the dark side — and it will come at some point to extract a price.


Disaster Sacrifices

When the dark side is unable to get a death, it will often settle for a disaster sacrifice. Disaster sacrifices can include almost any type of disaster:

  • Murder attempts
  • Car accidents
  • Broken backs (common, can also include pets)
  • Fires, explosions, people being hospitalized
  • “Natural” disasters
  • Foreclosure, bankruptcies, divorces
  • Legal troubles.
  • Pets disappearing, getting injured or illnesses.


Disaster Sacrifice Example:  Sajady Promoter’s Flerida Todorovksi’s Boyfriend is Apparently Paralyzed

It appears that Sajady promoter Flerida “Medium” Todorovski was gifted with a disaster sacrifice courtesy of Sajady’s demonic system.  Todorovski has been a vicious defender of the Sajady-Zhou cult, even using profanity to defend the cult.  Todorovski was warned over and over again about Sajady’s demonic nature by whistleblowers.

However, instead of reviewing the facts she was presented, Todorovksi went to war with the whistleblowers.  Todorovksi conned Youtube and Facebook into banning videos and posts exposing her (no due process), and she even attempted to get posts about her banned off Google searches.  Todorovski has been rabidly anti-free speech and desperately attempting to use Australian laws to assault American liberties.  (See all the banned videos here.)

Below is a post on Todorovksi’s Instagram page.  Todorovski indicates that her her boyfriend has experienced disaster:  “Imagine watching someone you love,  your partner, suddenly go from healthy and full life of being wheelchair bound and in immense pain 24 hours a day.”

By continuing to give consent to Sajady’s demonic system — it appears Todorovksi paid a price. To this day Todorovski continues to promote the demonic system.  That makes her a demonic agent and susceptible to more sacrifices.


How to Recognize Death and Disaster Sacrifices

Ask God to show you.  If it is necessary, you will be shown.


How You Can Protect Yourself

The main thing you can do to protect yourself is Call Upon and Ask for God’s Protection Daily.  Secondly, you can protect your Spiritual Contracts.