100 Reasons & Counting Why the “C” Virus is a False Flag

There is a plethora of information countering the mainstream media story about c**v-d.  This includes facts such as the CDC counting the common cold as c**virus, CDC numbers showing flu deaths go down as supposed c*v-1-d deaths go up, the CDC revoking its approval for the PCR test kits (whose inventor died shortly before the “plandemic” started, and who said it wasn’t to be used to diagnose viruses).  The CDC has quietly reduced the number of c**v*d deaths 96%, and warned about heart risks to mRNA v–cc–nes.  This and many other facts should lead anyone with cognitive abilities into questioning the official story.

The mainstream media (90% owned by 5 giants) has been happy to help stoke the hysteria with their scripted “news.”  The story functions as a massive mind-control movement engineered to get people to give up their Constitutional rights.  Since the introduction of the experimental jab — people have lost limbs, become paralyzed, and even died.  But there is no mainstream media coverage of these tragedies.

The virus may exist, but if so it has three nanobots in it, making it clumsy, heavy, and and a poor traveler.  You can refuse consent to the diabolical agenda behind it — and something as simple as oxygen therapy can knock it out:  Studies show that oxygen therapy effectively fights c**v–d.

Here are a few of the many facts which should make anyone question the enormous pressure for the abolition of our Constitutional rights.

Oxygen Therapy: Studies & List of Conditions Healed | Cancer, Heart Disease, AIDS, Arthritis, Low Back Issues & More


Fraudulent Co-Vi Numbers

1. Peer Reviewed Study Suggests CDC Inflated C*v-1-d Fatalities

2. CDC literature admits that the common cold is being counted as c*v-1-d:  “A positive test result shows you may have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes C-19. However, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called c*r**na-viruses), such as the one that causes the common cold.” A second CDC document says: “Positive results are indicative of active infection with
2019-nCoV but do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses.”

3. CDC stats show flu deaths dropped as c*v-1-d deaths increased. Graphs of AZ, CA, FL, and TX show the same pattern.

4. Dr. Birx admits inflating c*v-1–d deaths: “So, I think in this country we’ve taken a very liberal approach to mortality.  And I think the reporting here has been pretty straightforward over the last five to six weeks.  Prior to that when there wasn’t testing in January and February that’s a very different situation and unknown.  There are other countries that if you had a preexisting condition, and let’s say the virus caused you to go to the ICU and then have a heart or kidney problem.  Some countries are recording as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a C-19 death.  Right now we are still recording it and we will — I mean the great thing about having forms that come in and a form that has the ability to mark it as C-19 infection.  The intent is right now that those — if someone dies withC-19 we are counting that as a C-19 death.”

5. In April 2020 the CDC announced it was including unconfirmed, “probable” cases included in c*v-1–d totals.

6. The CDC’s website admits that deaths only due to c*v-1–d are a tiny percentage of actual claimed deaths.  As of August 26, 2020, “For 6% of the deaths, C-19 was the only cause mentioned.”  That means that 96% of the time people who died with c*v-1–d were impaired by other health conditions such as serious illnesses or advanced age.  Who’s to say what they died of?

7. States have been ordered to fraudulently inflate c*v-1–d numbers 15 times the actual rate by the CDC and NIH.  This footage from a Texas council meeting shows the council members statements and sources.

8. Texas county drops from 4600 active C–19 cases to under 100 after audit.

9. A nurse whistleblower reveals that patients in NYC are being diagnosed with c*v-1–d — when they don’t have it.

10. A fatal Florida motorcycle accident was listed as a c*v-1–d death. Gunshot wound, hip fracture, congestive heart failure, and Parkinson’s diseases are also being listed as deaths due to c*v-1–d.

11. Youtube banned a video that highlighted a Forbes article about the WHO faking swine flu empidemic. (Youtube says it is following UN and WHO orders in its assault on American liberties.)

12. CDC Admits C*v-1–d Doesn’t Exist. A CDC document says that “no quantified virus
isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available.”

13. Government Of Ireland Admits NO Proof SARS-CoV-2 Exists. A reporter out of Ireland was able to obtain documents from the government that admits the virus known as “SARS-CoV-2”, aka C–19, is not scientifically known to exist.

TRUST THE SCIENCE: Peer Reviewed Study Suggests CDC Inflated COVID-19 Fatalities


C Virus Test Kits (PCR Tests) Are Inaccurate, Not Designed to Detect Viruses

14. The FDA Announced that CDC’s PCR Test FAILED Review, Will Have Emergency Use Authorization REVOKED.  The FDA says on its website:  “The FDA has identified this as a Class I recall, the most serious type of recall. Use of these devices may cause serious injuries or death.”

15. Dr. John Hardie, BDS, MSc, PhD, FRCDC, says that the PCR test results are doubtful:  The failure of the PCR test “to satisfy Koch’s Postulates (the four conditions which should be met before a microorganism could be deemed a human pathogen) and the inability to satisfactorily isolate SARS-CoV-2 casts doubts on the efficacy of any test that purports to identify the causative agent of C–19.

16. The Bulgarian Pathology Association says C–19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless: “Though the whole world relies on RT-PCR to ‘diagnose’ Sars-Cov-2 infection, the science is clear: they are not fit for purpose.”

17. European courts have found that the PCR tests are up to 96% unreliable.

18. Scientists say the founder of the PCR test used for c*v-1–d would have regarded it as inappropriate for viruses.

19. C*v-1–d test kits have been found to be contaminated.

20. Tricare wrongly tells more than 600,000 military members they had c*v-1–d.

21. 333 Florida labs report 100% of people test positive for c*v^1–d.

22. A Connecticut state lab finds 90/144 positive c*v^1–d tests in June 2020 were false.

23. An Austrian lawmaker tested a cola for c*v^1d — and it came back positive.

24.  A woman who died six months ago suddenly tests positive for c*v^1–d.

25. Tanzania President uncovered inaccurate results from test kits: Papaya, a goat and a bird all test positive for c*v^1–d.

26.  Several months after making a mockery of both the WHO’s PCR tests and refusing the COVAX Facility’s AstraZeneca shot, Tanzania president John Magufuli “mysteriously” disappeared and is later found dead.

27.  A woman who never took test being told she’s positive for c*v^1–d.


Scientists and Doctors Contradict the Mainstream Media Story

28. Ron Paul, politician and physician, has publicly said c*v^1–d is a hoax.

29.  Many scientists are saying ‘rona was made in a lab. Here are two scientists:

30. Two thousand doctors said that hydrochloroquine is an effective ‘rona treatment, despite official denials.

31. Many doctors have spoken about successful use of hydrochloroquine and vitamin therapy working to cure people of ‘rona, such as Dr. Shiva, who recommends vitamin D, vitamin A, and iodine protocol.

32. Thousands of doctors have been censored off Youtube, Facebook and many other tech platforms. For example: Two doctors were censored off Youtube for questioning the ongoing house arrest and saying they are being pressured to diagnose as c*v^1–d when it’s not.

33. More Big Tech censorship of doctors: This video banned by Big Tech for revealing that a ‘rona cure is being suppressed by Big Pharma.

34. A 2020 study shows that 5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by skin cells, transferred to other cells, and play the main role in producing c*v^1–d in biological cells.  5G pushes viruses across the cell membranes into the nuclei and helps them grow.

35.  Dr. Peter Hoetz, Head of Baylor Medical School, Confirms the V–cc–ne for C*v^1–d is Deadly.  Dr. Robert Malone Says Some V–cc–nes Make Disease Worse.

36.  Several prominent medical doctors have issued dire warnings that it’s not safe for use in humans, including:  Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Michael Yeadon (Former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer), Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Peter A. McCullough, Dr. Damian Wojcik, Dr. Angelina Farella, Dr. David LV Bauer, and Dr. Roberto Petrella.

37.  Dr. Dan Stock of McCordsville, Indiana recently appeared at a Mount Vernon school board meeting to educate members that the science presented by the CDC is “counter factual.” He said,  “The CDC and NIH have chosen to ignore the very science that they paid to have done.”  He went on to point out that the v–cc–ne has failed, indicated by things such as a spike in the middle of the summer and v*c**na*ted people getting reinfected, and that v–cc–nes have been known to turn the v*c**na*ted into spreaders.

38. Health Care Workers Refusing C–19 V–cc–ne;  Hospitals Offering to Pay Staff to Take It

39. Dr. Zelenko testified before the Israeli Rabbinical Court that the c-virus v–cc–nes are “a poison death shot.”

  • Two countries that are most v*c**na*ted, Israel and Satelis (sp?), 85% and 80% v*c**na*ted, are experiencing a Delta variant outbreak;
  • The spike protein acts as a thorn on the inside of the blood vessels and brain, causing blood clots — heart attacks and strokes;
  • The number one cause of death after getting v*c**na*ted in the short term is from blood clots, and this is seen in the first three days;
  • Miscarriage rates go from 10% to 80% for women v*c**na*ted in the first trimester;
  • Animal studies from the “C” v#cc#n#s show the animals responded will in forming anti-bodies, but when the animals were challenged with c-virus again, they died, their immune system killed them.
  • V*cc*nations for C-virus damage ovarian function and reduces sperm counts
  • V*cc*nations for C-virus increases the amount of auto-immune diseases
  • V*cc*nations for C-virus increases the risk of cancer.

Dr. Zelenko says the Israeli government is the same as Josef Mengele, permitting experimentation on their own people. He says he receives daily death threats.

Note that oxygen therapy has been also been shown to reverse blood clots and even heart attacks.

Oxygen Therapy: Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide Can Heal Heart Disease, Cancer, AIDS, Parkinson’s, Candida & More


“C” Virus is Patented — and Bill Gates Funds the Owners

40. Bill Gates funds the organization that owns the patent to C-virus. Although the site listing the patent denies this is the same C–19 strain — the text says it is intended for humans: “The C-virus may be used as a  v#cc#n# for treating and/or preventing a disease, such as infectious bronchitis, in a subject.” Bill Gates has advocated for depopulating the planet — which means you.

41. Contact tracing group hired in Massachusetts is funded by Soros and Gates, and has Chelsea Clinton on board.

42. It is illegal to patent nature. Therefore either C-virus is manufactured, making patents on it legal, or it is natural, therefore making the patent illegal. If it was manufactured, it is a violation of biological and chemical weapons treaties and laws. If it is natural, filing the patent is illegal. Either way it both are illegal


Flu Shots Increase the Risk of Getting C- Virus 36%

43. People who get the flu shot are 36% more likely to get C-virus.  The study of Department of Defense personnel concluded that those who had received the flu v**cc**ne were 36% more likely to get a C-virus, and 51% more likely to get metapneumovirus (precursor to bronchitis or pneumonia):  “Examining noninfluenza viruses specifically, the odds of both C-virus and human metapneumovirus in v*c**na*ted individuals were significantly higher when compared to un-v*c**na*ted individuals (OR = 1.36 and 1.51, respectively).” Quote on page 4, see Table 5 on page 5.

44.  Study:  Immunization with SARS C-virus v**cc**ne Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus.  A study by the University of Texas Bioweapons Department found that any v**cc**nes for the C-virus family cause massive autoimmune responses, strokes, heart attacks, and blood clots.


Aborted Fetal Cells in V**cc**nes

45. Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca C–19 v**cc**nes are Made From the Tissue of Dead, Mutilated Fetuses. And both the Pfizer and the Moderna v**cc**ne did use such an aborted fetal cell line in their testing.


FDA Admits to Serious Problems with The V

46. The FDA Adds Warning about Heart Inflammation to C–19 mRNA v**cc**nes (myocarditis or pericarditis).  These conditions can end in death.

47.  CDC safety group says there’s a likely link between rare heart inflammation in young people after Covid shot

48.  FDA Adds “Guillain-Barré Syndrome” Warning to Johnson & Johnson C–19 V–cc–neS. This syndrome has to do with blood clots in the brain.

49. An FDA slideshow presentation regarding C–19 v–cc–nes last year accidentally displayed a long list of possible adverse reactions to the v–cc–ne, including myocarditis, seizures and even death.

50. FDA Document Reveals 86% of Children Who Participated in Pfizer C–19 Jab Trial Experienced Adverse Reactions

51. Posted at on the FDA website — Moderna admitting,  “The Moderna C–19 Jab may not protect all recipients.”

52. FDA Warns of Illnesses Caused by Hand Sanitizers in Latest C–19 Update


CDC:  The V*c**na*ted Make Up the Majority of New Infections

53.  A CDC report says that v*c**na*ted people make up 66.6% of “Delta variant” infections.  The CDC’s “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report” found that 74% of people who became infected with new C–19 infections had been fully v*c**na*ted. Of those, 90% had the “delta variant.”

74%  x  .90 = 66.6%.

Says the CDC report: “In July 2021, following multiple large public events in a Barnstable County, Massachusetts, town, 469 C–19 cases were identified among Massachusetts residents who had traveled to the town during July 3–17; 346 (74%) occurred in fully v*c**na*ted persons. Testing identified the Delta variant in 90% of specimens from 133 patients.”

54.  The Washington Post covered the above CDC report, and includes Singapore statistics:  75% of new C–19 Infections are in People Fully V*c**na*ted.  “This echoes data seen from studies in other countries, including highly v*c**na*ted Singapore, where 75 percent of new infections reportedly occur in people who are partially and fully v*c**na*ted.”

55.  Australia C–19 outbreak:  Delta variant cases rise among fully v*c**na*tedpeople

56.  Jerusalem Hospital:  80-90% of New Patients Have Been V*c**na*ted, Gibraltar and Iceland See Massive C–19 Spike Despite Over 90% of Population Being V*c**na*ted

57.  27 fully  V *c**na*ted people have died in Tennessee, health department says.  These are among the state’s more than 1,000 “breakthrough” cases. These are cases in which fully v*c**na*ted people have contracted the virus.

58. Why is C–19 surging in highly v cc*nated Israel and what can Australia learn from it?  Cases are rising in Israel despite 78% of over-12s being fully vaccicinated.


Studies and Scientists Reveal the Deadly Nature of the CV

59. Study: C–19 v–cc–ne and the risk of Mad Cow Disease (aka prion disease or spongiform encephalopathy) — C.virus v–cc–ne has long term health effects not previously disclosed, including “ALS, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological degenerative diseases.”

60. Study:  Blood clots as prevalent with Pfizer, Moderna, as with AstraZeneca

61.  Study: C – virus v–cc–ne-associated lung immunopathology-what is the significance?  “An unexpected and concerning feature of several of these [C – virus v–cc–nes] is the appearance of lung immunopathology that is seen in animals receiving certain types of v–cc–nes. This result is especially concerning given that v–cc–ne associated enhanced respiratory disease was seen in human v–cc–ne trials against the ubiquitous airway pathogen respiratory syncytial virus.”

62.  Study:  Immunization with SARS C – virus v**cc**nes Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus.  A study by the University of Texas Bioweapons Department found that any v**cc**nes for the C – virus family cause massive autoimmune responses, strokes, heart attacks, and blood clots.

63.  Study Raises Alarm Over  Pfizer C–19 V**cc**ne Triggering Herpes Infections. Researchers have discovered through an Israeli study that a herpes infection could be triggered by C–19 vaccinations for certain patients with underlying conditions.

64. 12,400 Israelis got infected with C – virus after receiving v**cc**ne (6% of those tested)

65. Shocking Study Reveals C–19 V**cc**ne TERMINATES 4 Out of 5 Pregnancies Via “Spontaneous Abortions

66. V**cc**ne Shedding –Women are reporting health problems after being exposed to v*c**na*ted people:  Blood clots, infertility, menstrual problems, miscarriages, bleeding, needing blood transfusions. Pfizer was concerned about shedding during their own trials, pregnant women exposed “by inhalation or skin contact” to a v*c**na*ted person.

67. Scientist Predicts mRNA v**cc**ne will lead to numerous deaths months after injection.

68. Scientists admit the v**cc**ne is deadly and rewriting human biome.

69.  Scientists discover mRNA inactivates tumor-suppressing proteins — meaning it can promote cancer.  After your C–19 vaccination, RNA is transported out of your cell’s nucleus, and will no longer function properly as a cancer tumor suppressor.

70.  Deadly Blood Clots Develop In 62% of People Receiving C – virus v**cc**ne.  This video has 6 doctors discussing studies and outcomes.



The V GIVES You Paralysis, Strokes, Herpes, Hepatitis, HIV, ALS, Alzheimers, and even C – Virus

71. Pfizer Whistleblower Karen Kingston Confirms C–19 Injections are Poisonous Bioweapons   Discussion hosted by Dr. Andrew Kaufman.  Discussion is also made of poisonous v**cc**ne additive graphene oxide, used in the nano-lipid particles hydrogels — which is used for gene delivery, ie changing your DNA.   A study shows that grapehene oxide accumulates in the ovaries and bone marrow.

72. Is The V Shedding Herpes?  A man who was not v*c**na*ted broke out in shingles after they had a v*c**na*ted worker at their house.

73. Study:  Auto-immune hepatitis following V for C***v**d

74.  Dad In Hospital Paralyzed By 1st C–19 V — Continues Receiving Texts About Jab #2

75. Two Women Paralyzed from Neck Down Following 2nd Dose of Pfizer Jab

76. New Jersey Man in Hospital with C–19 after being Fully V*c**na*ted with Johnson & Johnson.

77. Mississippi man has stroke four hours after Johnson & Johnson v**cc**ne

78. Australia has dumped the C – virus v**cc**ne after people tested positive for HIV.  They say it’s a “false positive”, but they haven’t tracked the people for a year to see if it develops.

79. Many get Bells Palsy after C – virus v**cc**ne, such as this nurse.

80. Women recently injected with experimental C–19 v**cc**nes are showing symptoms of BREAST CANCER

81. Non-scientist Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes ‘anti-vax’ stance in violation of his own platform’s policy:  “I Share Some Caution on this [v**cc**ne] Because We Just Don’t Know the Long-Term Side Effects of Basically Modifying People’s DNA and RNA”

82. v**cc**ne pioneer Jonas Salk published a bombshell scientific article revealing that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is actually causing vascular damage in C–19 patients and C–19 v**cc**ne recipients, promoting the strokes, heart attacks, migraines, blood clots and other harmful reactions that have already killed thousands of Americans.


V**cc**ne Seizures, Amputations…

There are many videos of people going into seizures and uncontrollable shakes. Here are a few.

83. Woman suffers whole body convulsions after taking experimental Moderna Jab

84. Chest Pain, Paralysis, Seizures: Woman Details Horrific Johnson & Johnson Jab Side Effects from Hospital Bed

85. Shock Video: Woman Suffers Convulsions Following C – virus  V**cc**ne

86. Minnesota nurse has both her legs AMPUTATED after contracting C – virus two days after receiving v**cc**ne.  Jummai Nache  also suffered from an arterial blood clot, respiratory disease, cardiomyopathy (heart muscle disease), anemia, ischemia and multiple inflammatory syndrome (MIS) – a condition where multiple organs in the body become inflamed.

87.   Rhode Island DFL state senator loses leg after v**cc**ne & blood clots. Sen. Jeanine Calkin said that there is no reason to suspect that the clots were caused by a C – virus v**cc**ne.  Mike Adams of Natural News discussed last year how the initial v–cc–ne causes massive health problems or death upon reexposure. These amputations appear to be along that line.


V**cc**ne Deaths

Just a few listed here.

87.  Deaths deaths spike as national vaccination program rolls out and stop once people start avoiding the jab.  Steve Kirsch, founder and CEO of the C–19 Early Treatment Fund, covers CDC data that shows over 25K deaths that cannot be explained.

89. Georgia Mother of Two Dead After Receiving C–19 Jab

90. Utah mom  dies four days after second dose of Moderna jab

91. Nurse aide dies after receiving work-mandated C – virus jab.

92. 15-Year-Old Boy Dies Of Heart Attack Two Days After Taking Pfizer V**cc**ne, Had No History Of Allergic Reactions

93. A nurse miscarried after getting the C – virus v**cc**ne.

95. Two more infants dead following C – virus v**cc**ne experiments with children.

CDC: 2 More Infants DEAD Following COVID Clinical Trials


MORE PROBLEMS:   Merck, Moderna, Pfizer, Astrazeneca, J&J …

96. Merck scrapped C–19 v**cc**ne, saying it’s more effective to get the virus and recover. 
97. India rejected Pfizer’s C – virus v**cc**ne, saying:  “The committee noted that incidents of palsy, anaphylaxis and other SAE’s [Serious Adverse Events] have been reported during post marketing and the causality of the events with the v**cc**ne is being investigated. Further, the firm [Pfizer] has not proposed any plan to generate safety and immunogenicity data in Indian population.”

     Newsweek also admits:  “The World Health Organization advises that the Pfizer-BioNTech v**cc**ne should not be taken by people with a history of severe allergic reactions to v**cc**nes, women who are pregnant (due to insufficient data) and anyone under the age of 16.”At the bottom of the article is advertising by Newsguard — a Bill Gates company.

98. V**cc**ne Adverse Event Reporting System: Many Eye Disorders after C–19 V–cc–nes

99. Moderna C – virus v**cc**ne causes side effects in over 50% of patients; antibodies disappear in 2-3 months, rendering the v**cc**ne pointless

100. School Canceled After Numerous Teachers Experience Side Effects from Moderna Jab

101. California stops injecting Moderna’s C – virus V**cc**nes after “disturbing number” of severe reactions

102. Moderna’s mRNA injections are an “operating system” designed to program humans and hack their biological functions

103. Immunologist warns Pfizer and Moderna C – virus v**cc**nes may cause neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s

104. California man who celebrated v**cc**nes dies after second Pfizer coronavirus jab

105.  Twenty Countries Suspend Astrazeneca V**cc**ne based on reports of death and injuries primarily from blood clots

106. Norwegian Doctor says AstraZeneca’s C – virus  V**cc**ne Triggers Blood Clots https://www.brighteon.com/b5d5a1f2-32cc-47bb-a46a-c3f59c95081a

107.  1.6m Moderna doses withdrawn in Japan over contamination comprised of magnetic metallic particles.


V**cc**ne Giving You Polio

108.  2019 –More polio cases now caused by v**cc**ne than by wild virus.  In 2019 four African countries have reported new cases of polio linked to the oral v**cc**ne, as global health numbers show there are now more children being paralyzed by viruses originating in v**cc**nes than in the wild.

109. 1955 – What Really Happened With the “Cutter Incident,” When a Bad Batch of Polio Vaccine Paralyzed Kids. 


V**cc**ne Passports and Nazi Ties

110.  UK’s V**cc**ne Passport Company Entrust is Run by Nazis — The Quandt Family


The Spike Protein is a Race-Specific Bioweapon

Researchers have released several studies which show that the c** virus spike protein attacks certain races:

  • Europeans except Finns (54% of the spike protein is bound, causing the most harm),
  • Blacks (39%),
  • Asians, Latino, and Finnish (2-12%).
  • Those with the K26R genome (elites, royal houses, banking houses, Ashkenazi, Amish) are immune, 0% of the spike protein is bound, causing no harm.  The K26R gene is mitochondrial bound, so you would only get it through your mother.

Here are the studies and discussion of the racial targeting:

111.  Dr. Lee Merritt Warns New Lockdowns Are Coming:  Learn How To Stop It.

112.  Study:  New Insights into Genetic Susceptibilty of C** 19 and Ace-2 and TMPRSS Polomorphism Ananlysis

“We found that the distribution of deleterious variants in ACE2 differs among 9 populations in gnomAD (v3).  Specifically, 39% (24/61) and 54% (33/61) of deleterious variants in ACE2 occur in African/African-American (AFR) and Non-Finnish European (EUR) populations, respectively (Fig. 1b).  Prevalence of deleterious variants among Latino/Admixed American (AMR), East Asian (EAS), Finnish (FIN), and South Asian (SAS) populations is 2–10%, while Amish (AMI) and Ashkenazi Jewish (ASJ) populations do not appear to carry such variants in ACE2 coding regions (Fig. 1b)

113.  Study:  Genetic and epigenetic factors associated with increased severity of C**‐19

114.  Study:  Effects of Human Genetic Factors (Ethnicity and Race) on Clinical Severity of SARS-CoV-2

115.  Study:  Polymorphisms and mutations of ACE2 and TMPRSS2 genes are associated with C**-19: a systematic review


Fauci is Corrupt

116. Fauci admits v**cc**nes can give you the disease they claim to protect you from: “There are diseases in which you vaccinate someone, they get infected with what you try to protect them with and you actually enhance the infection.”

117. Robert F. Kennedy Jr says Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates will make billions on C–19 v**cc**ne

118. Fauci was involved in giving $3.7 Million to the Wuhan lab to fund bat research.

119. Fauci, Ralph Baric, the CDC and others have been making and patenting c – viruses since 2003. They got a patent for the SARS virus in 2003. In 2013 when the CDC and NIH got heat about making these deadly pathogens – they just offshored the work to Wuhan China.

120. Fauci helped in the illegal jailing of another scientist who was onto the fact that v**cc**ne are spreading disease. A video about Fauci, “Plandemic”, was banned off Youtube and other NWO-friendly platforms.

121. Fauci force-tested HIV drugs on foster children.

122. Fauci’s hypocrisy exposed in congressional hearings: Fauci aggressively pushes many agendas that revoke our Constitutional rights, but denies he does so in front of congress.

123. Fauci’s’ Daughter works for Twitter, which censors doctors that work with hydrochloriquine.


Suppressed Nutritional Information

124. Depriving people of vitamin D (sun) leads to a very large increase in cases of cancer and other illness.

125. A 2020 study found that people who have lower levels of vitamin D were more likely to die from C – virus.

126. Studies have found that sunlight is a natural disinfectant, and people nursed in the sunlight during the 1918 Spanish Flu healed faster.

Coronavirus and the Sun: a Lesson from the 1918 Influenza Pandemic


Mainstream Media is Owned by 5 Companies

127. Five companies own 90% of the media in the US (down from 6).

128. Thousands of CIA agents have secretly worked for mainstream media organizations.

129. Facebook fact checker worked at Wuhan lab. Danielle Anderson conveniently ‘debunked’ articles suggesting that C–19 may have leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)